6 Viral Videos Featuring Darth Vader

Search your feelings.

So I did and I must admit it. Darth Vader has that effect on viewers. It summons more buzz for your advertisement and crafts that aura of awesomeness that can only be brought about by The Force.

I could recall that time when we had a movie marathon of all Star Wars episodes. Me, Chanu and my brother and sisters intently watching one run after another and we did it for few days straight. It was a summer and watching it was more fun than being bored to death. Allowances running low due to video games that time and together, that summer, Chanu introduced us to Star Wars.

The recent ad by Volkswagen featuring a mini-Darth Vader for Super Bowl wanted me to collate these videos that has Lord Vader on it.

Darth Vader After Dentist

Is this real life?

Darth Vader vs Hitler Rap Battle

Epic awesomeness!

Darth Vader Recording (Behind the Scenes)

Can you make it less depressing?

Darth Vader and Heidi Klum

Notice the heavy breathing. LOL! Or rather KUK! (via Kathleen Escutin)

Darth Vader Plays Golf

With power like that who wouldn’t cheat! Poor guys.

Volkswagen Commercial: The Force

For Superbowl! If my kiddo can act like this kid (and have that costume!), he’d be the lord of lords.

What’s your favorite Darth Vader video or commercial?

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