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Yesterday was probably one of the my most productive days as a blogger. Why? Because we ended up making a professional bloggers manifesto – a step forward to clearing up the name of Filipino bloggers.

Photo src: magic.tcgplayer.com

Photo src: magic.tcgplayer.com

I was fine with being a “diary” blogger – blogging for my personal thoughts and opinions. Even on a portfolio blog, I prefer to be ‘no holds barred’ in pointing out objects of my irritation, passion, or purpose. Speaking my mind using a platform that I paid for is freedom. I am a Bird of Paradise. I am epic. I am free.

And yet when attackers try to tear down a house you built with sweat and blood, when your reputation is likened to a mouse hanging on to bit of cheese for survival, when attackers start to circulate derogatory remarks about your ethics, it is time to step back and evaluate what you are doing.

My initial reaction was to disassociate myself with the industry. I am not a blogger. I was ashamed to be called one.facepalm

But then you can’t hide from it forever. Something must be done. And I found myself asking questions –

What are they trying to do? What is happening in the community? What can be improved? What is my stand?

We had a discussion with fellow bloggers from Iloilo, Davao, Manila, Cebu (me). After a discussion one afternoon over spaghetti and coffee, we came up with a working draft of a manifesto for professional bloggers in the Philippines.Pro bloggers block

Read. Digest. Comment.

We are currently sharing it to our personal circles and gathering comments, suggestions from the community. Your thoughts?

In the end, I want to stand tall and be proud to call myself a blogger again.

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