A Year of Social: Celebrating Social Media Day Cebu Meetup 2013

“Was that last year?” my husband asked.

“Yes, that was last year,” I said as I finished my breakfast today.

“Woah, paspasa sa adlaw oi!”

And I agree with him. Too fast do the days go by and now we are celebrating the second Social Media Day Meetup in Cebu.

It was just last year that we celebrated the first Social Media Day in Cebu with the Cebu Bloggers Society and I was one of the speakers back then. I remember cramming for my presentation and walking in front of a very enthusiastic audience of bloggers and talking about social media influence. I remember saying how influence IS power and that it comes with great responsibilities.

After 12 months of growth and learning, our usage of social media has evolved from just a way for us to communicate with just friends and family to using it for social change and for a vehicle for having a social business.

A couple of years before that, some business owners would become glossy-eyed whenever we talk about Facebook, and Twitter, and blogs and yet now, they are more evolved and more educated. Needs more prodding but getting there.

As for this year, with the 2nd year of Google+ as the social spine of Big G, we have found ways to use the integrated social features for communication. I am personally a heavy user of Google+’s Hangouts and Hangouts on Air. It has helped us in several meetings and events.

SocialMediaDay 2013

We are bringing back the Social Media Day Cebu Meetup 2013 organized by Third Team Media, GBG Cebu, GDG Cebu, GSA Cebu, Cebu Bloggers Society together with our sponsors – Potato Web and Diamond Suites and Residences.

WHAT: Social Media Day Meetup
WHEN: Sunday, June 30, 9:30am to 3pm
WHERE: Diamond Suites Cebu, Apitong St., Cebu City
FEE: FREE (does not include lunch)

OBJECTIVE: This year’s theme, #fwdPH, revolves around “love of country” and, in an unconference format, participants will share their insights on how we can nurture respect for, and deep pride in, our nation’s rich and diverse culture.

Event details: http://bit.ly/15J61AJ

Official hashtags:


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