Dear Tatay Digong

Dear Tatay Digong,

It’s Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day din of my Inang Bayan, Pilipinas. So, I think of her and her future.

They say you will win by a landslide. Good for you.

I am happy to say that I have not unfollowed any one of my friends here on Facebook regardless of what they say about the elections. It hurts being called not disente or stupid just because you are my choice – but have sucked it all up. Their freedom of expression but my right of suffrage, I remind myself.

We will all go out and vote tomorrow. And today, we celebrate Mother’s Day. I hope this is not the calm before the storm.

Social media will now make the post-election gloating stretch as long as possible. The negatrons will stick around. That event about renewing FB friendships sa kanto will just be another forgotten Ace Hardware suntukan event. But please don’t be just another meme or just another Aldub phenomenon. Be the leader we are expecting you to be, win or lose. This is for my family’s future. This is for the future for all Filipinos and our motherland.

Now if you do become our new president, please don’t fudge things up.

I hope I will not see screenshots of my previous posts supporting you saying, “YO, I TOLD YOU SO! Where are you now, Dutertards?”

Instead, I want to be proud that I voted for you. I want to finally be proud of being Filipino.



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