Founder to Funded: Dustin Onghanseng

For startup founders in the Philippines, nothing can be more exciting than building a business from the ground up. I agree and Dustin Onghanseng does too when he asked me — “Exciting, right?”

Dustin Onghanseng started up his company uHoo, an award-winning startup that creates smart devices that monitor air quality. Their deep tech devices that measure air quality and monitor it for potential health risks. The goal was to bring clean air for all and promote wellness.

As quoted from Newsbytes.PH, “Health and safety have been neglected by majority of employers, landlords, and building owners for the longest time. The Covid-19 pandemic has put this in the spotlight and accelerated the movement towards healthy workplaces and healthy buildings. Healthy workplaces and healthy buildings are no longer just empty buzzwords, it is the bare minimum required of employers and landlords.” 

He was one of the early believers of Third Team Media, my boutique social media agency in Cebu, PH. You see, they were our customers back in 2015 when they were still a micro-mini agency (still is..). During our engagement, we helped run campaigns for the company’s social profiles.

When I reconnected with him about ContentDash to ask for his advice about incorporation, I ended up picking the brain of one of the best and the brightest. These were some of his nuggets of wisdom that we can share with the rest of the Filipino founders.

1. Prove With Numbers

As with any business, start with measurable data. Show the charts whether in product usage or traction or revenue. Numbers will help. Either to prove product-market fit or for you to have more leverage.

2. Tap into VCs

..and not because you are looking for funds but because you can tap into their portfolio companies and encourage them to try out your product. There are names that come up on a quick Google search and you can tap into them with you are pitch ready.

3. Spend Time in Better Design

Good user design and experience can be a challenge but can be a good investment as well for your company or your product itself. Invest it in.

4. Add Geolocation

With the capability to globally scale a SAAS product, add geolocation so you can customize pricing across regions, for example.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Charge Premium

If you believe you have a good product, charge a premium. People should and are willing to pay for quality.

How about you? Are you on the road to raising funds or just bootstrapping? What advice do you have for founders?

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