Have you read the Terms and Conditions of your Broadband Provider?

Have you taken the time to read the Terms and Conditions of your Broadband Provider? Out of curiosity, I did.

This TED Talk by Malte Spitz on Mobile Phone Privacy prompted me to do so. If you haven’t seen this one yet, take the time to do so and see learn how much data about you that your provider knows about.

It’s a great talk that reminds us how connected we are and how less we think of privacy. The worst thing is that we don’t seem to care what we put out there anymore. That is why government and marketers have a stash of data to mine online.

For people who are advocates, activists, and rebels by heart, it would be a good thing for you to start thinking about the wealth of information that you are giving away. I find it important for me and I started by looking into Smart Bro’s own Terms and Conditions which can be found here: http://smart.com.ph/saf/.

There was no mention of any data collected by the company but what caught my attention is their power to terminate your service in the event that you don’t play nice with them or any of their employees. Sounds fair? Might be.

But what happens if you prove dissatisfied with their service?

You rant about their service first. Maybe fire up Twitter or post a long Facebook status update about why their service sucks. Their social media accounts will have employees  replying to queries and this will either brighten up your mood or prove a futile solution to your problem. Of course they reply but they will ask you to call their hotline. And so you will. You are ready to dial their customer service hotline and use your most irate, squeaky customer voice to cuss about your problem.

But hold it right there. You just might lose your connection then and there if you are not aware of this part of the Terms and Conditions.

According to their terms, you must not use abusive and/or indecent language to other subscribers or SBI employee, staff or agents. Else, they will DISCONNECT your service.

So watch out for swearing, cussing, or belittling employees online or offline. You just might get into trouble! I wonder what Globe Telecom’s Terms and Conditions are? Maybe worth looking into next time.

In the Philippines, we only have two ‘good’ choices for internet: Globe Telecom or PLDT (who also owns Smart Communications and Digitel). So when dealing with CS, it’s either be nice of GTFO.

Easy choice right?

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