Iliganons Track Flood News via Social Media


One For Iligan

Iliganons from other parts of the world stay transfixed on social media as prime source of information as Iligan City lose others means of communication due to floods.

Typhoon Sendong has hit Iligan City last night causing knee-deep floods in parts of Iligan City. It has also caused problems with local Telcos and made it hard to send SMS messages to friends and relatives in the place.

People now turn to online channels like Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging to keep track of flood news about the city. Either they are updating about the status of their place, expressing concerns for their friends and relatives or even to the extent of asking for help.

Update 1: Video of the flood posted from a Facebook user.

Update 2: Tune in to RMN Iligan for updates. Here’s the link Hotline is 09265089089.

Update 3: Palao and Del Carmen saved from floods.

Update 4: Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. has started a campaign. One For Iligan

Update 5: Tweet from @tinker_carmz december 17, 2011 a tragic day for iligan city. i hope we extend help and prayers to these people

Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. is humbly requesting your generous help for the victims Bagyong Sendong of Iligan City through #oneforiligan @iliganbloggers is accepting donations. Please RT/share.

Update 6: Photo from @YanBasa Adrian Basa Tropical Storm Sendong destruction – Iligan City @gmanews

Update 7: Bayug Island after sendong

As with breaking news and use of social media as source of information, it is best to verify source of information for truth.

Photo Source:
Maria Balaga
Carmela Dalangin

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