Influence = power. Power (excellence) > Power (manipulation)

Influence = power. Power (excellence) > Power (manipulation).

via Ender’s Game

We’ve heard a lot about influence and how you can demonstrate it via reach, resonance, and relevance. But did you notice that people who are influential also have power? You have to define though if it is power gained via excellence or power gained via manipulation.

This is one lesson I learned from the book I am reading right now ¬†– Ender’s Game. I have not finished the piece yet but I have to stop and think since that idea resonates to me a lot.

Ender’s Game is a story of a young boy who was forced to join battle school at a very young age to rise and become a commander of an entire fleet. He excelled in every aspect he was put into and hurdled each obstacle. He topped every singe game he was placed into to the point that he has gained both respect and enemies.

I believe it’s basically the same if your fascination trigger is power. Influence brings about power that’s why people are lured into thinking that they will never allow people to control them or stick long to their jobs. I’m thinking about those unemployables who don’t stick to one company for the long term. They can’t sit still and believe in their hearts they are moving towards excellence. Their ambition is brutal and yet admirable.

But there are also those who think that since they have influence, they have the right to manipulate people. And not for a greater good but for the purpose only of advancing himself. There are lots of examples to this and top of mind might be those corruptus politikus that you might have heard of.

Either way, as they said, with great power comes great responsibility. Whatever you choose reflects what you treasure most in your life.

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