INTROVERT MOVES IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS: How to Contain Outbreaks with These Hipster Practices

INTROVERT MOVES IN THE TIME OF CORONAVIRUS: How to contain outbreaks with these hipster practices. (And trust me, these are going mainstream.)

With businesses and institutions trying to make sense of what to do in this time of the Coronavirus, I want to bring your attention to these concepts that could be practiced further.

I realized that my family and I have been doing most of these our entire lives. We’re one example of a nomadic family who have actually tried and tested these and have witnessed the wonders these concepts could do for your life and sanity.

These are lifesavers – maximized our resources for maximum output. All without the fluff and BS. Talk about hipster moves and minimalism in one.

Of course, these are practices you can explore and consider at your own risk. And our risk level is high to start with. Up to you how adventurous you can get.


Do you really have to send kids to a regular school? Schools have closed in other countries due the outbreak. It’s high time we consider a homeschooling setup for kids. Lookup on the various benefits of homeschooling. I know it did wonders for our David Alfonso Castro as it made him an independent learner. If we’re not ready yet, perhaps a mixed setup.


Third Team Media started as a purely digital team and agency. Then we explored having a physical office for about 5 years. Now that we’re back to being a digital team, it worked wonders with our productivity and mental health. To heck with traffic!

MOOC or Massive Online Open Courses

If you are considering upskilling and improving your skills, consider sites that give certifications and trainings online. They can help improve your portfolio and jumpstart your career.


In lieu of actual meetings that involve you immersing in traffic just to get together face-to-face (and if there’s no food, it could have just been an email). Skype calls, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger calls, Whatsapp – pick your platform.


Do we really need to line up at government agencies just to file for permits or get documents? Do we really need to go to a physical store just to purchase something? I’m excited to hear more about this on our incoming #ecomsummit too.


Paypal was the go-to a decade ago. But now we have Gcash, Paymaya, etc. The problem is that our LGU and agencies need to catchup. How do we issue digital receipts as microentrepreneurs? Do we really need to write on a piece of paper and hand you over a physical copy? When will PH digitize this?


Should the events that cancelled consider doing online conferences instead? I believe so. It’s the way to go and it reduces our carbon footprint.

What are you practicing now that helps with a more nomadic lifestyle? If you were quarantined for Coronavirus, would these concepts help? Anything else I missed?

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