It’s Women Who Will Help Other Women Succeed

It was a heartbreaking ending to a story that just started.

I was ecstatic to be a panel at this awesome event. I got a recommendation from a mentor. And another recommendation from another mentor. They are both women. Prepared my speech. On the look out for industry news. It was a moment I could definitely use.

The ending: I got rejected.

The reason I suspect? The program head was a man. I got replaced by another man. Go figure.

Another scenario.

Chatted with two ladies over Mexican food and got to the topic – Which gender you would like for your offspring?

“I want a boy.”

Why not girls?

“They are hard to deal with. Oh the drama!”

Yes, and the karma. To think that’s coming from a mom too.

In this age of rejection and ‘pick me’ campaigns gets so easily done, it is easy to get swayed by saying that we can have anything we want. Yet, if the scenarios require you to go take a pick, women still get rejected. Why is that?

Is the archaic gender bias still lurking? I definitely think so.

Can we do something about it? I hope.

We had a Cebuanas on the Web meetup last April 27th for GBG Cebu Google Business Group. It was one of a kind because we got to meet fellow women entrepreneurs and also newbies in their niche.


What I enjoyed most was the wisdom shared by our keynote speaker Ms. Hannah Amora on her challenges with business and with her advocacy to save the life of her son. It was heart wrenching but also inspiring.


The next best was hearing the stories of the panel speakers through the discussion on women in tech, business, NGOs and their struggles in their field.

As Ms. Pauline Wade mentioned that it was a humbling experience for her to get to talk about being a woman in her field for technology. Ms. Tina Amper of also encouraged women to have a change in attitude in approaching work based on her experience abroad. Ms. Nancy Cudis of Cebu Book Club mentioned how a woman needs to set priorities in her life to find out which ones mattered. Ms. Jonah Canedo was very inspiring in her business – Saturday Dress – and the fact that she is new to public speaking but still decided to join us.

The common theme though was finding out the balance and making the necessary choices in order to be the best in the field. It was a nudge forward for the women in the audience.

I ended up being inspired. I am sure the other ladies would agree.

Even our official photographer Joseph of JKAR Photography said that we are conspiring to rule the world. But not really.

Women just need a nudge or two from fellow women. We need the inspiration. We need someone to look up to and say hey, she did it. I can too.

So to the ladies out there – if there is a fellow woman needing help, do offer a hand. It takes you and a few other women to make men in our industries realize that we are as good as any man for the job.

And if I will have a daughter soon, I would definitely say it’s my karma if she’s as stubborn or as rebellious in battles that matter. But I will be a proud mommy.

We all need to step up and lean in sometimes. Especially us, women.







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