Remembering Sendong and One for Iligan..

It’s been a year..

Let us pause for a moment to think of the lives lost in Sendong. A year ago, Iligan Bloggers Society launched a campaign for relief and fundraising – One for Iligan – for the victims of Typhoon Sendong. It was more of an awareness campaign, a cry for help, for attention, to the cities affected. It ran its course and it did the work needed done.

We witnessed the digital “bayanihan” where thousands of individuals and institutions also rose up and gave their help from all over the world. It was fascinating – a thought that could increase your faith in humanity.

Fast forward today, another storm hit yet another region in Mindanao. Will there be another 1000+ lives lost next year? I hope not.. Will we still see digital bayanihan if ever? I believe so..

In this Christmas season, it is a blessing to be in our cozy homes, celebrating the holidays, donning out party hats, when thousands of others are still suffering, in their current state and in the memory of the homes and lives lost. Even with all these celebrations, we remember.

(Video and song tribute from Ram Rodriguez)

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