Reminiscing #OneForIligan For Global Voices

This Saturday, I will be joining a panel for Global Voices, a two day international media summit that tackles topics on citizen media, freedom of information, digital security, and internet activism. The panel will be on how Filipino Citizen Media has been used in mobilizing street protests and coordinating disaster relief and response efforts along with barriers it face from the cost and quality of internet connection to online regulations. I will be joining Tonyo Cruz, Ruben Licera, Nini Cabaero, and Ms. Tina Pamintuan for this.

Since I need to search the depths of my memory trying to remember all the things we did during the campaign, I realized that the best way to find this information was to search for my old tweets.

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I am reminiscing the first 5 days when we activated the #OneForIligan campaign back in 2011. Very nostalgic. And I realized I have never been so passionate about a cause in my entire life than this campaign that we did with Iligan Bloggers Society when #TyphoonSendong left a devastation 3 years ago.

When I was browsing through updates on social media after the storm, I saw that the effect was devastating. Thinking that the movement needed a name, I called it “One for Iligan” thinking that the people can donate as little as $1 to raise funds and help the victims. I communicated this to Alexander Singcol and Lisa Mirasol of Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. and together, we put together the information and forms we needed to activate the campaign. By 5PM on Dec 16, 2011, One For Iligan campaign was given birth.

One For Iligan is a information and fundraising campaign created by the Iligan Bloggers Society which was activated on Day 1 when the devastation manifested after Typhoon Sendong.

What does it mean to activate a campaign on Day 1? It means moving faster than other agencies or nonprofit groups in spreading awareness and information about what is happening.

Some of the tweets and posts during the first few days.

This is a preview on how “viral” the #OneForIligan campaign was. #OneForIligan My personal feed on Facebook was full of notifications of people changing their profile photo to the official emblem that was used for the campaign.

Here are some of the notable items documented during this time. These are personal notes:

  • First few tweets broke out:
  • 5PM, Mobilized the One for Iligan Campaign
  • Retweeted by President Noy
  • Telcos down, loved ones not reached
  • Within 24 hours got overwhelming support = 20,000
  • Social media = get info, mobilise support
  • Did daily updates on cash on hand
  • Paypal problems because people paid, not donate.
  • Doubts from people because they said we only want to increase blog traffic.
  • Support startup coming in from GK and other orgs on Day 2! One for Iligan was able to spread the info on Day 1 of the Typhoon devastation
  • One for Iligan sprouted off to localised campaigns across other cities. Talking about ideas that spread.
  • News of death toll spread. 500.
  • CTA to do something about the environment.
  • Crisis Response Core from Google started helping. Data for the operations ex. People Finder. Updating Iligan map for the relief operations.
  • Used Google docs for outpatient, survivors, admitted, missing and dead persons list curated from different sources.
  • Tweeted info on evacuation center needs: Portable toilet, medicines, sleeping maps, blankets.
  • Reason for doing this: t’s the least I could do for the my city (Iligan) and the hometown that I love. Barring none. #oneforiligan
  • Google a big help. Mobilized the People Finder. Mobilized the Crisis Map.
  • Looking for telco help. SMART came through and helped with load for the One for Iligan team.
  • Other “help needed” info and updates on ground were tweeted.
  • Power restored after 3 days in areas.
  • One for Iligan became a unified call for help for all Iliganons in the world.

I guess a good summary about what happened and how the campaign has been helpful is summarized on my article at GMA News before:

To those in Cebu who want to join Global Voices for FREE, here is the signup link. Hope to see you there!


International media summit in Cebu to tackle citizen media, freedom of information, digital security, and internet activism
A two-day international summit that will be held in Cebu City on January 24-25, 2015 will tackle some of the latest issues on citizen media, freedom of information, digital security, indigenous languages and multilingualism online, and internet activism.

Global Voices, an international citizen media network founded in 2004 at Harvard University, will be holding the Global Voices Citizen Media Summit in time for the organization’s 10th anniversary, at the Cebu Provincial Capitol.

Over a hundred international bloggers, citizen media advocates, and tech experts from over 60 countries across the globe will gather for the event which will highlight talks, panels, and workshops on the relations between open Internet and social movements around the world.

Leading the summit discussions are Global Voices co-founders Ethan Zuckerman and Rebecca MacKinnon. Zuckerman is also director of MIT’s Center for Civic Media while MacKinnon is the author of the book Consent of the Networked: The Worldwide Struggle for Internet Freedom.

The first day of the summit will open with a talk, led by London-based Media Legal Defense Initiative Legal Director Nani Jansen, on protecting the open internet against government policies and corporate practice imperil Internet users’ rights of free expression and privacy.

There will be a session on Freedom of Information Laws, featuring experts led by Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism Executive Director Malou Mangahas who will share their first-hand experience using these policies for greater transparency and accountability.

Among others, there will be a panel on how Filipino Citizen Media has been used in mobilizing street protests and coordinating disaster relief and response efforts along with barriers it face from the cost and quality of internet connection to online regulations.

The second day of the summit will open by bringing the spotlight on indigenous language digital activism, including a session on Filipino Indigenous Languages in Citizen Media which will explore the ways indigenous languages are being promoted online.

Some of the panel discussions would include one on digital security and privacy, online censorship and freedom of speech worldwide, and a roundup of Magna Carta of Internet users from all over the world.

Like in the past Global Voices Summits in the UK, India, Hungary, Chile and Kenya, the Global Voices Media Summit 2015 promises to be a productive site for inspiring fresh ideas, sharing experiences, and forging cross-border collaborations.

Members of the public can register to attend the event at The cost of admission for the two days is PHP 2,000 for Filipino residents, with a special student rate of PHP 1,000.

The Global Voices Summit 2015 is sponsored by the Ford Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Google, the Province of Cebu, Knight Foundation, Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, Sun Star Publishing, Open Society Foundations,Yahoo, and PRWorks.

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