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Yesterday’s Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Summit was a full day of realization about the state of ecommerce in the Philippines. So, as a part of my panel session at the summit, I mentioned about the social media Philippines stats based on the published research from WeAreSocial and Econsultancy to supplement the State of Ecommerce Stats presented by the other speakers.

These were the 5 slides I presented during the summit:


What are the current stats for social, digital, mobile in the Philippines?

I think it is important to get an idea of the current landscape of social, digital, and mobile in the PH to get an understanding and put things into perspective.

Based on a recently released research from We Are Social in Singapore, we are a total of 105 million in population and 37 million of that are internet users. That’s 36% internet penetration and where almost ALL of them are Facebook users.

That’s a lot of potential leads for you if you venture correctly.

But remember that these stats mean that the Filipino consumer is already empowered.

Last year, Filipinos have been using social media for various reasons, not just for selfies but for disaster response. We can see that example during Typhoon Yolanda. We’ve heard of various campaigns like #helpPH for example showing how powerful social media can be.

Filipinos are also using social media to voice out opinions about the government and about politicians.

They can now easily access and spread news with just a few clicks.

Filipinos spend an average of 4 hours on social media every single day. And 62% of the access it through their phones.

What’s the Filipino’s favorite social network? We’ll it’s Facebook of course.

Now, what does that mean for ecommerce entrepreneurs such as yourselves. It means that even if you craft the best website, the best logos, your social media presence (or the lack of it) will have a say on how much you actually care for your customers.

Some additional stats.

What is the prime use of social media for my brand?

Some brand owners, when hearing that we are a social media agency, always get very excited knowing how to get started with social. They’ve definitely heard about the power of social media. And yet using that power for the enterprise and businesses is quite different. If the business goal is generating leads and sales, social media is not the silver bullet.

The fact is that social media is primarily used for brand awareness.

As mentioned in my previous talk, in terms of strategy make sure that you do the following in your social media campaigns. Some possible directions and improvements:

1. Collaborate and co-create
Find ways to collaborate with other businesses, influencers, and communities to reach your intended audience. If you have a solid base of core brand advocates make an article or video series with them. For example, highlighting how the brand has helped them improve their lives. This gives the brand an extended reach through real stories and real people.

Ex. The Outlets and Bloggers

2. Customer service
Opening up social media as a channel for customer service has to be done with correct planning. On and off kind of customer service leaves customers frustrated as inquiries and concerns are left unanswered after starting an initial campaign.

The solution then is to improve your social media customer service team and install workflows to handle customer concerns. There’s no turning back once you get started. Make sure you’re ready.

Example for me:
Example for me: Pacific Air

3. Training in house 
Transitioning a social media program from outsourced to in-house might take some planning for a company or brand. If you’ve started with an initial program and want to move it in-house, the challenge is to make sure that you actually have staff that has the expertise (and the time!) to handle the program. Simply adding the workload for social media management to your overloaded marketing team might not be very helpful and you’ll still end up putting the program on hold. If in case you need help, look for the expertise of a social media consultant so your team does not grope  in the dark making strategies and workflows that don’t work at all.

4. Storytelling
Content that matters is still the core of social media management. Strategize, implement, review, adjust – these should be a constant activity to improve your content plan. All of these tidbits of content should revolve around the story that you want to tell about your brand. It’s not enough to continually promote your products, services, and offers. People are on social media for a reason. And it doesn’t involve being bombarded with marketing messages from brands. Stories will make you relevant.


Pyroworks and Marco Polo

5. Brand Advocacy and Generosity
Give to get. Generosity brings you very far when you start to transform into a social business. The more you give, the more people (and advocates) will remember you. Consider relevance during crisis and disaster response for example: Brands that show compassion are remembered for their generosity. Create campaigns that help solve the pain points of your target audience.

Considerations for digital marketers

1. Multi-screen
Remember that these potential leads are also distracted. They have television, internet on their laptops, social media, they have the mobile phones. How do you cater to the different screen usage of potential customers?

2. Multi-tasking

It’s no surprise that Filipinos are multitaskers. When it comes to distraction, we are very much like goldfishes in terms of attention span.

Suggestion for Ecommerce Blueprint in the Philippines

As a suggestion for the Ecommerce Blueprint, #betterinternet is what I propose.

If we have better infrastructure then we reach more grassroots individuals who will now be able to participate with ecommerce. This would in turn help good business improve their products and services and at the other end of the spectrum, expose bad business practices of other companies.

How about you? What are your own thoughts about these stats?

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