Why #startups in the Philippines should get on Clubhouse ASAP

A tip for #startups in the PH ?? Get on Clubhouse and start using it.

For those who have no idea what is, Clubhouse is a brand new app, an audio drop-in platform currently on IOS only and on invite-only (as of writing). There are a lot of articles online about it with just a quick Googling.

The exclusivity and the FOMO effect have brought in droves of users from different sectors and industries across the globe, but in the Philippines, the business and startup sector can benefit a LOT from its existence.

But one thing’s for sure — Clubhouse is like a conference room for the curious. All for FREE.

You just need to clean up the hallway and make sure you follow quality people and clubs. And from there, you can open the app anytime and get presented with rooms where you can hop-in as a listener or speaker. Of course, you create your own rooms and invite people on the “stage” to chime-in your topic.

As of March 6, 2021, they have also enabled creating your own clubs. I have just created the Founders Mastermind club there to reflect our Facebook group of the same name Founders Mastermind Community.

Aside from the exclusivity and FOMO, the fact that you can easily connect with celebrities and influencers is just mind blowing. For startups, the fact that you can connect with VCs, media, mentors, potential employees/employers, and other startup founders, the tool is beyond VALUABLE.

In my one month using the app so far, I have seen rooms with Tony Fernandes of AirAsia, will.i.am of Black Eyed Peas, and even MC Hammer is on it. I missed it when Elon Musk broke into the app and when Lindsay Lohan was also on Clubhouse.

So fair warning: The app is addictive. This is true for those who can spend hours and hours on end on rooms for topics that they are passionate about. For example, I have gone down the path of hosting a room for an hour that spilled over to a three-hour conversation and another for a Bisaya-exclusive room that has gone for almost five hours at most.

Now, how are startups using it? Some startups are using it as their alternative in planning mixers and zoom events. Some are using it for networking. Some just want to satiate their interest in hot topics.

I have seen PayMongo use it to talk about their time with Y Combinator. I have seen organizations use it to talk about new tech like NFTs and cryptoart. Really, you’ll get smarter using Clubhouse.

As a serial hand-raiser but introverted person like me, it’s the perfect place. I can choose either to just listen or to actually talk when I’m ready (and invited) to host.

Beautiful thing about Clubhouse are events minus the following:

  • expensive registrations fees
  • clunky registrations sites
  • sucky afterparties
  • handshaking and business card exchanging (check their profiles!)

Sadly (or maybe a good thing?) none of the following:

  • snacks
  • lootbags
  • sponsors merchandise
  • freebies

Hop in Clubhouse and add me @fleirecastro 🙂 Talk to you there!

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