Visiting Casa Gorordo Shop and Thoughts on Ecommerce

We had a client visit at the Casa Gorordo Museum of the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI)

To hit two birds in one stone, I had the boys go on a tour right at Casa Gorordo Museum. The kiddo definitely learned lots about Cebu history. 

We went to the Casa Gorordo Shop to take a look at the trinkets at the Casa Gorordo shop and bought a cat charm bracelet one for myself! 

One thought that came to mind when I visited the shop – Will they be considering doing ecommerce for the shop soon?

So thinking about it —

Souvenirs are definitely something you want to buy onsite when you travel to a new place or a country. You want to get the feel of actually choosing the items, haggling for the goods, paying for it, counting your money, and leaving with the satisfaction that you only paid so much for something you will bring home to your family.

Question —

Can you transport that whole experience to ecommerce? I don’t think so.

Putting it on ecommerce is on the assumption that your target customer is one super busy person that didn’t have time to travel around and just want to get the act of buying souvenirs done and over with.

That is one “con” of ecommere – convenience over experience. Is it worth paying shipping for?

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