3 Digital Marketing Events in Cebu for Q4 2012

Did you know that Filipinos’ favorite online activity is social networking? Good for those who know and have been getting their toes wet with digital marketing. But for those who are still trying to figure things out for their business, their personal use, or for an advocacy, now is the right time to start learning.

If you are a Cebuano, you won’t find a busier quarter for digital marketing events. Q4 2012 is definitely filled with events for the digital native to learn tips and tricks in surviving in a digitally connected world.

A movement like this could only mean one thing: You can’t run from digital. No matter how hard you are holding on to offline means and your brick and mortar, one day you will realize that should have started early.

It’s a revolution. 🙂 Register and join me at these events.

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