Bringing Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) in Cebu

In a digitally connected generation where innovation moves too fast for technologists, it is your education and knowledge of better frameworks and methods that will propel productivity in your organization.

SCRUM, a framework for project management used in agile software development, has gained so much popularity that knowledge of the framework is expected for institutions who deliver software products for their organizations or for their customers.

The question now is — Why bring the Certified SCRUM Master training in Cebu?

Cebu and the BPO industry

There is no other industry that produce products and services to other countries that comes to mind but the business process outsourcing industry – an industry that is certainly trending in Cebu – the second next favorite outsourcing destination in the Philippines after Manila as stated by an outsourcing firm.

Cebu’s major service providers in the BPO industry include Convergys, Sykes, eTelecare, Teletech, IBM, People Support, Acccenture and Wipro and these companies have established Philippine operations in Cebu.

As quoted on a Sunstar article in their interview with CEDFIT, the organization that bridge the gap between the school and the information technology industry, the trends of the BPO in Cebu points to many ingredients of success:
• Second largest concentration of IT Centers in the country;

• World-class telco infrastructure and fully redundant, managed lines;

• About 15 percent savings in wages versus the National Capital Region (NCR);

• Challenge in fast-tracking development of middle managers to offset cost of importing experienced managers from the NCR;

• Leadership from provincial and city ICT councils in areas such as IT education, telco infrastructure, IT parks and property development to cater to offshoring and outsourcing (O&O) industry requirements;

• Cedfit leading collaborative work with industry associations like BPAP in promoting investments in and over-all mission of the O&O sector.

Investments in the Cebu BPO industry remained high as stated by the Cebu Investment Promotions Center (CIPC).

Cebu and Startups

Though plagued with challenges like investor confidence and a shift to the “business” mindset of young entrepreneurs, Cebu is slated to become the Silicon Valley of the Philippines.

It is a slowly emerging trend and supported by the growth of user communities like founded by Ms. Tins, a Filipino consultant based in the USA. TechTalks, a community of technologists who are looking to build their startups, gather almost every month to share knowledge on building a business from ground up.

Aside from user communities, Cebu has started gaining incubators like the Cebu Business Incubator for IT (CebuinIT) which hints of  new technology-driven businesses from young entrepreneurs.

BONUS: Cebu and its strategic location

Cebu is right smack in the middle of the country – a very viable location for trainings and conferences. With options for travel via ships and planes, there is no good excuse to not partake in a destination like Cebu.

Participants who want to join the training can insert a third day of visiting the popular historical locations and of course, the famous beaches of Cebu and Mactan.

Yes, Codelean, please bring SCRUM in Cebu

The growing BPO and ICT industry also shows a proportional need for Cebu to be at par in a global scene.

Bringing Certified SCRUM Master in Cebu would give the necessary training needed by local professionals who help ship projects in an agile software development. Local professionals will need to be globally competitive and a training like CSM is one to boost our competitiveness so yes, please bring CSM to Cebu.

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