#ecom2012 Summit Notes and the State of Digital Marketing in the PH

The DigitalFilipino E-commerce Summit 2012 that was held at The Peninsula Manila was a learning experience on the state of e-commerce and digital marketing in the Philippines. It was well attended by the digital marketers, business owners, and managers of companies.

I was glad to be able to meet the club members who I have only communicated with online. I got to chat with Jam Mayer from Mayer Consulting who is providing assistance and tools for businesses who want to use virtual events like webinars. Also got to finally meet Vanj Padilla from Pangasinan. Wilson Chua of Bitstop Networking Services also flew in from Singapore to attend the event. In my table, I got to chat with Raffy from Multiply Philippines.

My personal highlights

As a social media manager providing services for clients outside the Philippines, the stats I picked up from the speakers were very much amazing. True that the Philippines is still at level 1 in terms of e-commerce and digital marketing. With that, any local business that attempts to do e-commerce here in the PH should be very much applauded for their attempts.

My personal highlights from the talks included my top 3 below.

1. Less than 1% of total PH retail market are doing e-commerce.
2. Filipinos use the internet for research and discovery. Transactions still offline.
3. Cebu Pacific Air is the juggernaut of PH e-commerce. (CebuPac is doing it right!)

Notes from Speakers

Below are some notes that I was able to take during the summit via the hashtag #ecom2012:

Mr. Jack Madrid on Ecommerce

Mr. Donald Lim on Digital Marketing

 More Photos on Facebook Album

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