Filipino Startups, CebuinIT and Jojo Flores from Plug and Play Tech Center

On March 23, 2011, CebuinIT hosted the “Start up and Take a Pitch” at the Conference Hall of University of the Philippines, Cebu. It started past six in the evening and was attended by entrepreneurs and students from different schools. Everyone was cuddled in the first floor of the conference hall to siphon whatever we can from the co-founder of a  Silicon Valley Tech Center.

Ms. Pauline Wade introduced the CebuinIT, services to the audience comprised of entrepreneurs and students who are passionate about building a startup here in the Philippines.  CebuinIT is a Technology Business Incubator (TBI) in Cebu and is a project of the DOST and UP Cebu.

To those who are interested, CebuinIT offers the following services for startups:

  • Professional Service/Consultancy/Trainings
  • Mentoring by Experienced Entrepreneurs
  • Access to Funding via Networking Events and other Networks

For qualified startups, CebuinIT has a pre-incubation program that allows them to occupy a cubicle and avail of services/consultation for 3-6 months upon approval of business concept and other requirements.

Ms. Pauline Wade from CebuinIT

We also got to hear from of which is a client of the TBI. Darlene Ganub presented their testimony on the use of the business incubator’s services and facilities for the success of TechJobs.

So if you are a startup looking to get a space to operate, better check out our local incubator. They do offer lower rates than commercial spaces you see around Cebu.

Darlene Ganub of local startup

The highlight of the evening was Mr. Jojo Flores talking about their tech center and the services they have offered to both startups and venture capitalists. Jojo Flores is the co-founder of Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley, a tech and data center that leases spaces for startups and also offers a variety of services including funding, hiring and mentoring. The company has dubbed themselves as “Silicon Valley. In a Box.”

Jojo Flores of Plug and Play Tech Center & SV-STAC

But aside from that, he is also a board member of SV-STACS (Silicon Valley Science and Technology Advisory Council) a nonprofit committed to helping promising tech startups in the Philippines to become world-class companies.

He also mentioned about the pitch competition on March 25 which is the first round of pitch competitions. From the said competitions, three (3) Filipino tech start-ups will be chosen to visit Silicon Valley for three (3) months, inclusive of travel and living expenses.

Questions from the audience were really interesting and covered questions such as the challenges of making a startup. One question that I loved was where a lady asked if  they are there to help startups succeed, are there also instances where a startup fails.

Jojo Flores answered, “For startups that were funded but failed, they usually become better individuals. And you can see it from their battle scars that this person – his next startup is going to be better.” He further encouraged the people in the room to not see failure as something that is negative.

It is true. Fortune favors the bold. And we will be able to hear about successful startups here in the Philippines within this year. 🙂

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