Learning from Gabriel Billiones at Startup Weekend Manila

I was observer mode here at Startup Weekend Manila 9. Yesterday, Gabriel Billones invited me to sit in and signup as observer at the Startup Weekend Manila.

I figured that in order to maximize my trip in Manila, I should be able to see how the startup community is in Manila at this time.

Here in Cebu, I have definitely been active in most of the Startup Weekend events since its conception in 2012 with Ms. Tina Amper of TechTalks.ph. And recently, there have been none in Cebu so now I was curious if there were changes to it since then.

Listening in to the amazing startup and business ideas of the entrepreneurs and the mentors’ advices of this batch made me realize that the spirit of entrepreneurship is definitely alive and well and kicking.

And that’s the same spirit that I see in Gabriel Billones.

I’ve met this kid just online when he was actively a member of Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. – a bloggers society that I co-founded along with some ladies from Iligan City.

Yet not until last year at our GoSocial: Social Media Marketing Bootcamp Tour was I able to actually meet the real Gabriel Billones in flesh. And I would say he is quite an interesting persona.

Especially for this trip in Manila, I saw how hard he worked.

He went to our closing ceremony for GoSocial in full suit but was carrying my order of organic drinks from his business while riding motorcycle via Angkas. I can just imagine.

The next day was when he invited me to join Startup Weekend Manila. And in my head I was like – here’s a hardworking kid that won’t stop at anything.

I saw myself in him – ambitious, fiery, achiever. 🙂 That’s probably why we are friends now.

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