Lessons Learned from #gphilippines. Thank You Google!

gPhilippines brought together the enthusiasts, techies, business professionals, marketers, educators, and students in a two-day conference that showcased the use of Google technologies to solve problems in the industry. On August 3-4, 2012, hundreds of hand-picked participants witnessed the first ever annual gPhilippines also known as gDay or Google Day in some parts of the world. It included a series of plenary sessions, talks, show and tell. Day 2 was simultaneously  held with the GDG DevFest.

The conference attendees learned more about the status of the internet here in the PH including lessons on branding in the digital age, innovation principles in Google, benefits and usage of tools from Google such as Analytics, Adwords, Youtube, Plus, and much more.

Personally, me and 2 other GBG (Google Business Groups) managers were there to talk about what GBG does for the community. As the newest GBG at GBG Cebu, it was an awesome experience to be with fellow managers who have the same challenge of growing the independent community supported by Google.

Here are some notes from the conference. I was also busy stressing over our session for GBG (Google Business Groups) so I only have a few sessions documented. Nevertheless, the lessons learned were still notable.

Google Innovation Principles:
1. Have a clear mission.
2. Foster entrepreneurship.
3. Be open. Share everything.
4. It’s all about data, data, data.
5. Focus on what’s best for the user. Money will follow.
6. Speed does matter.
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