My DICT fambam of Visayas Cluster 2

Meet my DICT fambam of the Visayas Cluster 2 (I’m the adopted member). For both legs in Bogo City and Maasin City of my Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training assignment, these guys have been family.

Ecommerce and digital marketing is  a field that requires constant knowledge and improvement in order to stay on top of your game. TheRural Impact Sourcing Technical Training program of the Department of ICT, a government department, has been the constant lead in bringing opportunities to the countryside.

These folks have been my support team in running the trainings for the two locations. I was never alone in delivering the program to the different individuals who gathered in the training program of these locations in order to gain the working knowledge of digital marketing.

Thank you Dir Antonio Padre and Sir Jeff Taboso and Sir Royden Rusiana. And to Dir Joe Bagulaya and Ms. Claire Fernandez. Hope to work with you again soon.

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