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I imagine how it might be a bit easy peasy for those people have handled family business before. They might be working for their businesses during breaktime or during summer vacations. Exposure to handling a business won’t be a problem for them. They somehow know how it works.

But for first time microentrepreneurs like me, it is definitely challenging. What do I work on next? What do I need to do? Am I on the right path? Who can mentor me? These and other questions will bug me endlessly and the only hope I have it to somehow hang on to the fact that challenges can be blessings in disguise.

Photo Source: GBG Cebu / Ruben Licera, Jr.

The first meet and greet with the GBG Cebu Google Business Group has definitely been a productive one.  Last Sept 22, 2012 at Bo’s Coffee at JCentre Mall, a group of 30 people met up to learn more about what GBG Cebu is. It was hosted by the core group members of GBG Cebu – me, Bjorn Bernales, and Kareen Satorre. I was very thankful that the event was well attended. Aside from that, it is with great gratitude that I mention our venue sponsor Bo’s Coffee who sent their Cebu Marketing Respresentative Vincent Panes and their VisMin manager Vince to join us at the gathering.

Photo Source: Bjorn Bernales

After we introduced how GBG Cebu could help the business owners, bloggers/publishers, and students in the group, the participants got their turn to pitch their projects or businesses. This was definitely my favorite part as we got to learn what the members are working on, where they are connected, what they need from the group, and what they can contribute for GBG.

There were also questions on the web tools itself and Google technologies so this is good for Google SEA to know the needs of the community. Most of their questions though include those for Google Alerts, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Tool, Ad words, etc.

What’s notable is the enthusiasm of the members to learn more of the tools that could benefit their businesses and their endeavors. Looking forward to more meetups with the group.

Photo Source: Bjorn Bernales

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