Once Upon a Time at #GenChangePH #vpeace

Last week, I made a post about the Generation Change Program in the Philippines. The training ended but the mission just began for the participants that have been given the responsibility to become change agents in their communities.

At the day of our arrival, we were just individuals from different parts of the country – gathered and called to one training of which we were sponsored for. We were expecting a learning opportunity that could help us enhance the skills that we have. Little did we know that it was a boot camp for social change agents – community leaders and social media activists.

Boot camp is what I call the two-day training. We were put in one room and were given training by our two facilitators – Ms. Humera Khan from Washington, DC and Mr. Wajahat Ali from California. Both have been given the mission by the U.S. Embassy of Manila to spread the seed of change through social media (as a tool!). We were guided through a group activities, media training and speed pitching of our ideas for projects in order to have the chance to receive a $2000 seed grant from the U.S. Embassy.

It was a mind-blowing experience but in the ended, I made new friends and created a personal mission statement for myself. 🙂

I am looking forward to doing a project with IBS, Inc. and apply for a grant.

Below is my Storify with compiled tweets and photos from the training.

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