Post #swcebu Thoughts: On Entrepreneurial Activism and Startups

It’s done. The weekend is done.. It was the longest event that I have volunteered for. But it was also one of the most productive learning event. Not just for me but for the rest of the participants who joined. They are all winners.

Free flowing thoughts. Written immediately after the event. Edited and processed day after. Had to release my thoughts. (:

Entrepreneurial Activism and the Demographic Sweet Spot

The reason.. the reason why I volunteer for events like these is because of entrepreneurial activism. I would love for fellow young professionals know the challenges, acknowledge the opportunities, build their own businesses and bring about the social change needed in their own communities.

I believe that the young professionals will be the hope that Philippines is looking for.

In 2015, on that year, the demographic sweet spot will be the dawn of a great future for the Filipinos. During that time, the average Filipino will have that purchasing power that drives the economy. With that power, they are now part of the consumers who will join the leagues of Filipinos who will eventually do commerce online. E-commerce will now see a rise and gain a large portion of activity that Filipinos do online. I am looking forward to the time when I won’t be just another voice longing for a #betterinternet or more opportunities locally.

Are businesses, the government, and local infrastructures ready for this surge? I hope so.

Startups and Boot Camps

Vinnie Lauria mentioned in his tweet about Startup Weekend Cebu — “..nascent scene, great company names, and some hard hitting ideas.” He’s right about that. These kids are still learning. It’s nascent but it will grow. I believe that.

That is why Startup Weekends, Entrepreneurial Camps, and other boot camps like these are essential. We should encourage entrepreneurs. We should encourage people to have that drive to create – to “stay foolish and hungry”.

Why look for jobs? Just go build your own business! We need move forward, learn, and encourage others to do so.

Social Entrepreneurship

In another note,  social enterprises see  good opportunities here in the Philippines. That is because, we need it. We need it so much. The social enterprise. The social entrepreneurs. And it is one thing that is encouraged by investors from DevCon/PhilDev, AppBridge, even the U.S. Embassy, among others.

I experienced the same pressure we had when I joined the Generation Change Program last April. We were taught how to face media, taught how to use social media for social good, reminded of what problems Mindanao is facing with right now and how our help could impact change in communities.

Enterprises like these will give the Philippines a huge hope for growth and improvement. Let’s hope more social entrepreneurs will be created soon.

Time to Process Thoughts

..but the important part – No Talk. All Action. I have to do that too for Third Team Media. I have learned a lot during the weekend and I will be processing everything that has happened.

Congratulations to the everyone who joined Startup Weekend Cebu!!

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