So What Does Work in Social Media Marketing for 2014?

Brands need to know that social media is just a tool. It does not replace the strategies you need to employ to be relevant, increase reach, and provide a solution to your audience. So what does work in social media marketing for 2014?

A few days ago, I published an article on our Third Team Media blog entitled 5 Simple Tips to Improve Your Social Media Management Program in 2014. It got picked up by Social Media Today – a community of thought leaders that publish trends and thoughts on social media for brands and businesses.

I was glad that it became a helpful resource for those looking to improve their social media management come the new year. I summarized it to 5 simple items that you could improve: collaboration & co-creation, customer service, training in-house, storytelling, and brand advocacy and generosity. Will be discussing this more at One Internet Day online event with Digitalfilipino Club.

My Notes below:

If you are a brand or business owner, how can you improve your program for social media?

If you are working with a brand as a consultant, how do you encourage a more mature social media program?

I would assume that you guys might have the same questions so today, I’m going to share to you some really simple tips that you could use.

One quote from Kurt Vonnegut that caught my attention and I feel that it really applies to brands and businesses when we talk about social media marketing. it goes like this –

Another flaw in human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance.

It is so spot on about social media management. Brands and businesses are always, always excited to build. Let’s create a Facebook page! Let’s create a Twitter account! Let’s go to Gplus!

And then they would take it internally, assign one internal marketer who’s already up to the neck with workload, and then create new social media accounts as they come. They don’t have a social media plan and what happens is that when that assigned employee leaves the company – what happens?

The next marketer doesn’t have the login, creates new channels for the brand, and relaunches the channels again and the cycle goes on and on.

That’s the major problem: We want to build but no one ever wants to do maintenance!

And that’s where a team like us comes in. We help our customers maintain a social media program for their brands.

You don’t need to overwork your marketing team and get an agency like us instead. They don’t need to hire and train content creators, designers, project managers because we handle everything for them.

Kumabga, we are the social media architects so you don’t have to hire a carpenter here, a plumber there. We do the whole maintenance for you.

What are the benefits of doing so?

The brands become more consistent in terms branding, in terms of daily content, in terms of consistent engagement with the community, and we help them run their ad campaigns on these networks.

So beyond using social media as a tool, it is important to look deeper into your intentions for running an SM program in the first place:

5 tips: collaboration & co-creation, customer service, training in-house, storytelling, and brand advocacy and generosity.

Find ways to collaborate with other businesses, influencers, and communities to reach your intended audience. If you have a solid base of core brand advocates make an article or video series with them. For example, highlighting how the brand has helped them improve their lives. This gives the brand an extended reach through real stories and real people.

Ex. The Outlets and Bloggers

Anthill and Bo’s Coffee:

All media outlets in Cebu:

Opening up social media as a channel for customer service has to be done with correct planning. On and off kind of customer service leaves customers frustrated as inquiries and concerns are left unanswered after starting an initial campaign.

The solution then is to improve your social media customer service team and install workflows to handle customer concerns. There’s no turning back once you get started. Make sure you’re ready.

Example for me:

Transitioning a social media program from outsourced to in-house might take some planning for a company or brand. If you’ve started with an initial program and want to move it in-house, the challenge is to make sure that you actually have staff that has the expertise (and the time!) to handle the program. Simply adding the workload for social media management to your overloaded marketing team might not be very helpful and you’ll still end up putting the program on hold. If in case you need help, look for the expertise of a social media consultant so your team does not grope  in the dark making strategies and workflows that don’t work at all.

Content that matters is still the core of social media management. Strategize, implement, review, adjust – these should be a constant activity to improve your content plan. All of these tidbits of content should revolve around the story that you want to tell about your brand. It’s not enough to continually promote your products, services, and offers. People are on social media for a reason. And it doesn’t involve being bombarded with marketing messages from brands. Stories will make you relevant.

Example: Pyroworks and Marco Polo

Give to get. Generosity brings you very far when you start to transform into a social business. The more you give, the more people (and advocates) will remember you. Consider relevance during crisis and disaster response for example: Brands that show compassion are remembered for their generosity. Create campaigns that help solve the pain points of your target audience.

When doing your planning for 2014 social media management, consider the listed items above and see where you can improve your program. Cheers and have a great 2014!

If you need help with your social media management for the coming year, we can help you. Do contact us.


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