The Summary: Geeks On A Beach 2013 Resources #goab

Disclaimer: This is NOT the official Geeks on a Beach summary post. This is curated  for personal reference. All speaker content belong to their respective owners.

Geeks on a Beach

Geeks on a Beach (GOAB) is a one of a kind, 2-day tech conference held last Sep 25-26 in Boracay, Island. It is a gathering tackling topics like startups, technology, and design. The conference gathered a crowd of startup technologists, founders, enthusiasts, and investors.

This post will contain links and resources from the big tech event that happened in Boracay Island last September 26-27, 2013. If you feel like you are missing out on the event, don’t worry, you’re not alone. I missed the first day and I feel like I didn’t go there at all. Hence, the need to curate and NOT miss any content.

Fret no more. There are resources in hand for those who missed the geeks and the beach that fateful day.

Here are some resources from speakers and fellow attendees you should check out:

Live Blog, Photos, Updates

Geeks on a Beach Livestream Day 1 by Rappler

Geeks on a Beach Livestream Day 2 by Rappler

Davao Bloggers Live Blog Day 1 by Dulce Lada

Davao Bloggers Live Blog Day 2 by Dulce Lada

Geeks on a Beach PhotoStream by Fleire Castro

Geeks on a Beach Facebook updates by

Geeks on a Beach Twitter updates by

Reports and Releases

Philippines Startup Report 2013 by Lead Author Ron Hose


Philippines E-Commerce Index and E-Commerce Maturity Scorecard by Janette Toral


Speaker Resources

Startup Best Practices by Minette Navarrete

Zen and the Art of the Hackathon by Jim Ayson

Kuyi Mobile Geeks on a Beach Presentation by Erick Garayblas

Should You Outsource? by Jonathan Anthony Ybañez

The Lazy Geeks Guide by Jonathan Anthony Ybañez

State of Digital Marketing in Asia by Robin Gurney

Corporate Innovation: What Corporations Can Learn From Startups by Zac Cohn

Geeks on a Beach Keynote (Success Strategies) by Khailee Ng



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