What Excites Me to Go to Iligan (and Reasons Why You Need to Join MBS5)

Iligan Bloggers Society is hosting the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 2011 with the theme “One Green Mindanao” on October 29 – 30, 2011 in Iligan City.

With this, I am off to travel mode next week to visit my hometown. Let’s get on immediately with my list because the second portion is more important – why YOU need to join the Mindanao Bloggers Summit 5.

Only seven days to go and we will traveling back to my hometown. But this trip is special and it excites me to visit Iligan again because:

  • I will be joining my first ever Mindanao Bloggers Summit.
  • I will be joining an event organized by Iligan Bloggers Society – a society that I co-founded with the ever passionate women – Lovette Jacosalem and Xyza Yape.
  • I will be meeting the IBS Core Group that I have just been communication purely online for the past MONTHS!
And Iligan is ALWAYS  a beautiful place to visit because of these things. Come to think about it. Why the heck am I still in Cebu. LOL
  • Family. I will being seeing my sister, brother and dad. And of course, Marco’s family.
  • Food. We love JY Dimsum! Visiting there again.
  • Friends. If the rejection does not count, I would say spending time with my new IBS friends would make this trip really worthwhile.

Reasons Why You Need to Join the Mindanao Bloggers Summit

Enough about me. Here are some things you get when you join the summit.

1.  Get inspired to earn through blogging.

Ms. Janette Toral will be gracing the event and will be discussing how it is to become a blogger-entrepreneur. She has been a very good teacher who gave me hands-on insight on how it is to earn through what you love to do most and it would be good for Mindanao bloggers to hear straight from her on how to make it happen for them.

Ms. Aileen Apolo – de Jesus is also giving out a webinar on using content, analytics and adsense. Every problogger would know that Adsense is a good way to earn from your blog. For the more advanced bloggers, they might expect to learn a few more stuff on the exciting happenings at Google from her talk.

2. Meet Mindanao bloggers.

I am expecting to meet not just the Iligan bloggers but also those from friends around Mindanao like Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and Bukidnon. And what’s the use? Comparing notes and seeing a testament to how vibrant the blogging community is. It goes to show that the pride of being a blogger is not at all just an online thing – it’s also about building connections to further promote your personal brand.

3. Meet David DiMuzio.

I have liked the fan page of this artist and I am very much aware of the fact that he is well-loved by Filipinos. The last news I heard about this guy was that he has been “wooing” Yeng Constantino with his English version of Hawak-Kamay. Get to see him on October 30th on a private concert for MBS5.

4. Tour Iligan on Day 2.

On the second day of the summit,  a fun-filled day awaits you on as you get to admire the beauty of Iligan. You will get to tour with an Iligan Blogger to famouse places in Iligan like the NPC Nature’s Park and Ma. Cristina Falls, Iligan Paradise Resort and Eco-Park and Mimbalot Falls  and Timoga Spring Pools.

5. Learn about “green” living for Mindanaoans.

Of course, the summit is all about One Green Mindanao. Mr. Naderev Saño is Commissioner of the National Climate Change Commission, the country’s lead policy-making body on climate change and will be the keynote speaker in the summit.

There’s also DR. MARILOU SITON-NANAMAN is a professor at Mindanao State University – Iligan Institute of Technology speaking on Sustainable Lifestyle. Ms. Anna Oposa, hailed by Yahoo! Southeast Asia as one of the seven inspiring modern-day Filipino heroes for her efforts in environmental conservation, will talk about Blogging for the Environment.

What About You? What Excites You to Go to Iligan?

If you have an answer to that question, kindly visit this link to join the blogging contest. Fabulous cash prizes await those who will join!

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