5 Tips to Have FUN in Blogging and Social Media #WorldBloggersDay #TattAwards

Happy World Bloggers Day everyone!! 🙂

This is THE day for bloggers all over the world. Check out the hashtags #worldbloggersday and #tattawards on Twitter and you can say HI to fellow bloggers.

To celebrate World Bloggers Day, I will share my tips on how to have FUN while using all these tools within our reach. Here are my 5 Tips to Have FUN in Blogging and Social Media. Hope you will find it useful.

1. Have a greater purpose aside from earning.

Are you aiming for the moon?

Anyone can easily create a blog. Go to blogger, setup one, create an article – voila! You are now a blogger. But what creates the difference between one blogger from another is their purpose.

It can range from an advocacy or to earning or to simply share your thoughts. Knowing your greater purpose will give you that edge over other bloggers who create blogs and then forget about them. What is your greater purpose aside from earning?

2. Build your audience beyond your family members.

Promote. Build a community.

There are lots of tactics on doing this but the bottom line is to get the word out and persuade people to join you. The fun there is that you meet people from ALL OVER the world beyond your family and small circle of friends. You will have more fun if you explore an audience.

3. Meet your peers offline.

Meeting the Davao Bloggers and Flow Galindez of ABSCBN.

Go on. Turn off your laptop and get out of your house. Meet the people you have been tweeting, liking, messaging to on your social media channels. The best way for a relationship to work is to close that with an offline engagement. It’s more fun when you actually get to meet them in person!

4. Gain good karma by giving and doing a LOT.

That's me. Having a lot of Karma. XD

Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.
Steve Jobs

Do you believe in Karma? If you do, you are in for much fun in blogging and social media.  It brings you to places. It gives you opportunities. And like Steve Jobs, you somehow get to connect the dots looking backwards on your blogging journey. Have fun. Trust in that gut feeling.

5. Advocate.

One for Iligan saved many lives. Nuff said.

For me, the greatest benefit of being a blogger is that you get the clout needed online for people to start listening and tuning in to you. With that, you can contribute to the greater good and for social change by persuading people to join your cause.

A good example is the very successful campaign by the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. with the “One for Iligan” initiative. We were able to generate donations from all over the world using social media to help out with relief operations during Typhoon Sendong. It literally saved many lives.

Blogging and social media are powerful tools. Do you have your own 5 Tips to Have FUN in Blogging and Social Media too? Please share them. 🙂

About World Bloggers Day:

World Bloggers Day is an initiative by the Cebu Bloggers Society. This year, the online event will culminate with a General Assembly at the Diamond Suites. You can also nominate your favorite blogs and bloggers by visiting TattAwards.com.

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