6 Quick Tips to Improve Your Medicine Brand Promotion

The Problems

I have recently written about pharmaceutical brands that have questionable disclaimers that have been updated by the Department of Health. These brands have not shown the new Filipino phrase. These brands have not updated or shown what they can do to honestly present themselves and reflect it in their websites and campaigns.

Then there are those pharmaceutical brands that have safety concerns. These attacks have been resounding as these results is the same thing that each potential customer will see when they research about a certain medicine. Concerns, such as that mentioned, resonate on search results for such brand.

As a conclusion, it is mentioned that there fixes to these kinds of concerns and problems. But these fixes have to been done as soon as possible to lessen the damage, control the issue and regain customer trust on a certain brand.

What Have Been Done So Far?

There are already several medicine campaigns using social media that have been launched. These are some of the campaigns done.

1. Blogger feature – Featuring a blogger is a pretty neat idea. Leveraging influencers means instant penetration to the community or communities that the featured person already has. It is like a personal testimonial of the featured blogger.

2. Event blogging – This involves inviting bloggers to brand-related events.

3. Blog writing contest – Contests involving bloggers to improve online exposure

4. User ideas submission – Prizes given to participants with best brand-related ideas on activities

5. Photo submission and voting – Usually hosted over Facebook

6. User story submission and voting – Users are encouraged to send in their related stories and are voted on by readers

7. Photo tagging in social network – Usually hosted over Facebook

8. “Like” a Facebook page – Winners determined by the number of comments/likes

Apparently, not all campaigns are flawless.

6 Quick Tips to Improve

Your Medicine Brand Promotion

1. Don’t require login just to see the winners!

Users have their own cases of Attention Deficit Disorder. They would certainly not take the pains of signing up just to see a winners list of people they do not even know. Right?

2. Don’t encourage spamming

Would you gain love and admiration for a brand that encourages spamming? I’m not sure about you but I prefer people tagging me because I’m actually on the picture.

3. Do use Sharing Tools for social media sites.

4. But.. Don’t Overdo it.

Do limit the sharing sites to submit to.

Are you pretty sure you have an audience in MySpace, Delicious and StumbleUpon? Think again. Research the top sites where your users might be and you can limit it to just the top three if possible.

5. Do use a Facebook username.

It’s pretty basic to have a vanity URL. Just reach a minimum number of fans and head on to http://facebook.com/username to customize your URL. There are several uses for having an easy-to-recall URL. Putting it on your main site without the extra slashes and dashes is one of it.

6. Do hire a social media marketing assistant.

Most probably when you setup campaigns like these, you will need a social media marketing assistant to interact with your fans and other tasks. If you leave your page thirsty for updates, most likely your fans will ignore whatever you are running.

Do you have other tips for these medicine brands for their online and social media campaigns?

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