AirBnB Listing for Local Property Owners

For property owners who are looking to rent their places to guests, I suggest listing it in AirBnb.

My mom has her own cottages called Island Rendevoo (previously known as Eastside Cottages)  in Siquijor suitable for backpackers and guests who are looking to enjoy the island. I have been helping her promote it since 2010 and have used social media and the website at

Learned about AirBnb through the startup articles I have been reading and didn’t realize that you can actually set up one locally. I decided to try it out a few weeks ago and listed my mom’s property.

After setting up the listing, I realized it is great first mover advantage to have your place listed especially when there are lots of visitors who are already using AirBnB. Here is the widget for the place.

A few days ago I received a call and just learned that they actually have local staff verifying the listings. This is great news for business owners who need tips and ideas on how to optimize their listings in order for their listings to be more visible when people search within Airbnb.

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