Clash of Clans Tagalized Ads (Campaign Review)

Browsing through my Facebook feed, I usually take the time looking at the ads served to me. It’s not just to bump their impressions, but I love looking at how advertisers execute their campaigns and personally determine if the ad was served right to me. Knowing that me and my son have a pet game called “Hay Day”, I was not surprised when I noticed this ad below from Clash of Clans, a game from the developer – Supercell.

What surprised me though was that the Tagalized ad. It was in Tagalog! Or rather in Filipino.

Clash of Clans Mobile Ads

In Tagalog, it says: “Hiniintay ka ng digmaan ng angkan. I-download ang pasimunong combat strategy game, LIBRE!”

As far as I understood, what they were trying to achieve is the English translation: “The Clash of Clans is waiting for you. Download the top combat strategy game, FREE!”

I immediately shared this detail with my Facebook friends who also lamented of the same funny “tries” from various advertisers who end up either being pathetic or funny. Or a combination of both.

What was wrong with Tagalizing ads? They are trying too hard.

Reason 1 – Not every Filipino speaks Tagalog.

We are a nation of a 7000+ islands and regions that speak lots of different local dialects. Tagalog is just one of those.

Reason 2 – Language switching

Some Filipinos prefer their online channels in English (or pirate talk?). When we do see the Google Search Engine putting us in default Tagalog (Filipino), we cringe. We get an eyesore and we immediately look for the “Switch Language” link somewhere in the page and pray to the Google Gods that we find it before it gets utterly frustrating that we’ll just have to pull out our hair. No, really. Just kidding. But you do get the point.

For advertisers, it would be more relevant to make it Taglish (Tagalog – English) than trying to make it sound like you are a Filipino teacher in highschool. No offense to my wonderful teachers but those classes were really hard. Lessons were a challenge to grasp even back then. Don’t make it look like we have to grab our talasalitaan with your ads.

How about trying to write your copies like how Filipinos talk? Dili man siguro lisud mag Taglish or Bisdish sa mga ad, diba?

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