Dear PR Agency: You’re Doing it WRONG!

Dear PR Agency,

I am your average blogger. A distracted one, to be precise.

Work to do, a student to teach, Facebook posts to write, tweets to tweet and rants to rant – I mean it. I really am distracted. So as you can see, you’re dealing with someone who only has attention for the important, the relevant, and the awesome.

Your recent contact should have been found in the Other messages, the spam folder where I leave countless of press releases to die a natural death. It’s a tragic story for those mails, but that’s life. You just can’t please everyone.

Your press releases go here – as dead as spam emails.

So when you contacted me via my Google+ profile, I thought you were one of the few who ‘get it’. You knew what to do right? You reached out via social media first (though for the first time) and I’ll give you +1 for that. You should have said hi to me via Twitter and it would have already caught my attention. Unfortunately, I saw that you posted the exact same message on my Facebook account. Hmm. Copy-pasta? All good. Maybe you thought I don’t check my accounts.

But after a couple of customized replies (thank goodness!!) from you and a slew of press releases you forwarded, the mediocrity status is leveling up that I have to actually rant about YOU and not the brand you are trying to promote. Yes, I’m taking the time to blog about you because it’s important – You’re doing it wrong.

Build a relationship first. I have worked with an awesome marketing arm of a local company and my experience has been remarkable. Why? She has “talked” to me first over social media before asking something from me. It was not just for the sake of getting me to promote their products. It’s an ongoing relationship. Until now, we still chat about the weather or what we ate for breakfast.

Just please let me know how you found me. I don’t really care that you are not using this local PR agency anymore. No need to put us in agony with mundane explanations. It is not of concern to me that you don’t have my contact details because I don’t want to be bombarded with your press releases at all.  I DON’T CARE about your previous relationships – complicated or otherwise. Instead, just mention how you found out that I existed. And I’m pretty sure it’s not from your previous local agency.

I might ask you questions about your campaign. Kindly address that first before spamming me. Common questions would be – What is my involvement? What should I commit to? What do I get in return, if any (yes, there’s such a thing as social media sponsorship)? What are you going to do with my data? Can I disclose the relationship? Again – Please provide a FAQ of my involvement in your campaign.

That’s my mediocre radar and you are on it.

And no, don’t ask me to give my mobile number when it’s already on my email signature. I don’t want you to call anyway. Have you noticed that the most convenient way to reach me is via email? You could have just asked for my phone in the first place. Realize that bloggers can choose which communication medium they are most comfortable using.

Next, just because I gave you my email does not give you the right to bombard me with CRAP. Let alone THREE press releases in a row all asking for my “kind consideration” and asking me to “accommodate soon”. Please do not spam me.

The worst part is giving me a press release that is in ZIP. Who the hell has the effort to download, unzip, open, read, understand, etc, etc. I have blogs to read, madam. Speed does matter. If it takes me eons to access what you are trying to pitch, I might just forget about your stuff and move on. Remember: I have a short attention span.

Help me add value to my readers. Just because you already have a campaign in mind does not mean it will get me involved. Have you even checked out my blog? Does it complement the content? Is it relevant for my readers (if any)?

And last but not the least, I will quote Franky’s post at that inspired me to finish this article – My reputation is worth more than you can afford. Just one wrong move and you will be remembered as, to quote:

An agency showcasing with their behaviour that they haven’t reached the era of building relationships by working hard to win the love of future brand advocates.

Take these advices with a grain of salt. After all, I’m just a blogger (#bloggerlangkami). But if you do want to sincerely be relevant, please pick a lesson or two before you leave.

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