BRANDING: SUPER “traditional media” MAN versus SPIDER “social media” MAN

just like traditional media vs social media

just like traditional media vs social media

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“Superman and Spider-Man both throw a punch at each other in mid-air over the skies of New York City, but both easily dodge the other’s attack.”

Long ago branding strategies revolve around leveraging traditional media – television, radio, newspapers – to implement push marketing to get the message out. Internet and mobile tools have now shifted the strategies and called in a whole new threat to “old media” through interactive, niche-targeted, pull marketing strategy through social media.

With this current move, it is fun to imagine the differences of the two strategies, social vs traditional,  like a battle between two super heroes – Spiderman vs Superman.

Meet SPIDER “social media” MAN

Social media is the online content created by people who uses highly accessible technologies such as the internet. The use of internet as means of communication has become a trend these days and businessmen as well as advertisers are now taking advantage of it.

The principles surrounding the concept of social media revolves around creating relationships between one self and others through means of online social networking sites wherein one can easily advertise the product or services that others need. Some of these sites include Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. Others create their own website and promote their website by using backlinks that point back to their website. It is what we call to as the trendy way of marketing and advertising the products you want to sell.

..and SUPER “traditional media” MAN

There are a lot of difference between the traditional way of marketing and the trendy way that is social media. Social media can reach almost everyone around the globe through internet opposite to traditional marketing and advertising which limits the location of both categories. Industrial media or traditional marketing has permanence meanwhile social media has versatility. When magazines and ads are printed and distributed, changes can not be made but for social media, changes can be made almost in a second through editing or commenting. The time which industrial media to advertise and market their products would usually take days or weeks to promote thoroughly and effectively but for social media, we are just counting hours or minutes.

“Superman and Spider-Man congratulate each other on a job well done.”

Implementing campaigns in just traditional media has limited reach. Imagine the lost opportunity in reaching out to millions of internet users in different parts of the globe. But taking your campaign to only the internet limits the tested opportunities of reaching out to the internet-less consumers.

The formula today is traditional media + social media. Will social media currently just tagged as a “fad” with campaigns yet to be determined and tested, will we be seeing the formula as TOMORROW = SOCIAL MEDIA?

But really the bottom line, it’s no contest.. for now.

“Soon thereafter, Clark and Lois go on a double-date with Peter and Mary Jane. As the two couples leave, they all walk arm-in-arm together into the sunset.”

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