Facebook: 3 Easy Tips On Getting Your Updates Noticed


I’m pretty sure you have been in that weird state – realizing no one noticed the stuff you post on Facebook.

You found a cool article. You got a cool thing on your mind. Posted it.  Waited for a like or a comment. ***Crickets chirping*** No one notices and you move on with your social media life. Then suddenly, the same link, status update, video, article gets viral — numerous likes (okay, just 3) and 10 comments.

How would you feel? No really…

Or rather you should ask yourself,  how should I post so it gets viral… so it gets noticed. Here are some quick Facebook newbie thoughts on getting your own updates noticed.

3 Easy Tips On Getting Your Updates Noticed

1. Tag like crazy


Go on. It works. Tag them friends. Spam them. Do this: Use the @ feature. Limit is just 6 though but don’t fret. There’s always a blank status update box to do it again!


Feel it!

There’s nothing wrong with being honest. It’s your page and your status update. There more sincere you are with your update, the more it attracts comments.

Insincere updates are those that people stay away from.. like quotes from Isaac Newton or questions about a lousy TV show. No scratch that. You can ask questions about a lousy TV Show but just use this tip — write in caps and use words like OMG! WTF! LOLOLOLOL!!

3. LIKE your own posted update


It’s psychology.

If no one starts poking into your stuff, no one else will. People are stalkers by nature and they want to poke their nose and know where the crowd is.

So why not gather a crowd. Start with you and yourself. Go ahead. Like it!

The new News Feeds feature of Facebook summarizes the latest interesting activities in the past 24 hours.  It would be great to see one update of yours that makes it the list, wouldn’t it?

If these do not work, let me know. Let’s make another way for them to notice our interestingly uninteresting updates.


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