Filipinos More Expressive Through Mobile Phones. Agree?

With the recent news of Filipinos being the most emotional country in the whole world, I didn’t wonder when the study from McCann mentioned that Filipinos are more expressive through their mobile phones.

This is the result of the “Truth About Connected You” report from the study performed by Harris Interactive and it clearly shows how mobile personalities differ from each other.

truth profiler from McCann

Japan turns out to be Linked-Out Loyalists. China leans toward being Mobile Maitre-D. And India is iChatty.

You can take the test here:

Here’s the study result:

And find out more about the report here: How mobile personality types vary across Asia: McCann Truth Central

For Filipinos, here’s the quote:

People in the Philippines strongly tie their mobile phone to their personality, he said. “They are actually much more likely to be outgoing through their mobile phone, much more likely to express themselves very vividly, or to directly answer a question.” Consumers in the Philippines proved the most active on the online communities that were part of the research, he added. “There didn’t seem to be any barriers in terms of what subjects should and shouldn’t be discussed.”

It seems that those who want to hear the truth from a Filipino should send out SMS blasts or give them surveys that they can run through mobile phones. If you want the girl your courting to say Yes (or No!) and hear honest feedback from your customers, do text them!

What do you think? Are these some better ways to leverage this info about us Filipinos?

Photo source: Campaign Asia

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