Freelancing Horror: Help! Power Interruptions!

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Since there is nothing else to do but type out something from the laptop, I have a good excuse to blog. You see it is quite dark here and my skills of using a QWERTY keyboard had its benefits now that I only have the faintest light tonight. We have power failure. And it has been two hours or so that we don’t have power.

Being a web worker can have lots of pros and a whole lot of other cons. Living in a third world developing country never spares me from episodes of power failures. These are some of the options available. (Note: Prices may vary! This list is based on what I remembered after looking around months ago.)

The Backup Options

Using a backup UPS – Cost: Php1,500 – 2,000

This can provide power for about 15mins. Enough for you to properly shutdown a computer connected to it. Nadia M. mentioned she connected her router to their UPS instead and uses the laptop in order to continue working.

Using a higher powered UPS – Cost: Php15,000-17,000

This is a pricier option but can provide enough power for you to work more hours before you are totally drained out.

Using a power generator – Cost: Php25,000 – 40,000

Can power your whole household. Can not only power your PC, router and a few more laptop but also provide light and illumination while working.

Solar-powered devices – Cost: XX

Suggested by Mommy Mitch Q. I have not really heard of anything like this that freelancers can use but definitely have seen some that can provide you the light needed. You can probably write some posts if you are an article writer but if you are a computer programmer or someone who needs the net, you might just spend the time drafting out some program flow or campaigns by paper and pen.

Your laptop – Cost: varies

Of course, this is the freelancer’s bestfriend. Some can reach 7 to 8 hours on battery and this is really good so you can continue work even in complete darkness. That is assuming you have an internet supply that does not need electricity. If you don’t, a prepaid internet on a USB modem like my own Smartbro Plugit.

Free wifi in unaffected areas – Cost: a cup of coffee?

Suggested by Ms. Gem B. There’s that last resort of travelling to an unaffected area and using free wifi access in coffee shops for work that has to be done as soon as possible.

Catch-up Mode

For tonight, I only have my Asus EeePC laptop with 2.38 hours remaining and a flickering candle on the table. So romantic that I want a dinner with it. Daydreaming aside, of course, this power failure tonight caused me to discontinue work and find something else to do.

A list I have if this goes on for another day:

  • Catch up on writing stuff for my blogs
  • Quiz my kid on his homeschooling stuff
  • Get my so needed 8-hour sleep
  • Arrange our clothes in the closet WHILE singing

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Do you have a problem with power interruptions? How did you deal with it?

Share your story in the comments please. 🙂

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