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Snail mail. I loved receiving them. Back at fourth grade, I used to have a pen pal from the U.S. She was a sweet girl a year older than me. I can’t remember the details of our correspondence but I still recall the feeling of opening an envelope laden with stamps and marks from the post office.

Right now, I rarely get those. When I do, I take lots of pictures of the thing (Calvert, thank you!).

What I receive though are sweet pieces of messages (Twitter, Facebook, email) that I love reading. Not only because it makes me realize I am so blessed but also since I know I can help them out with my 2 years experience as a social media assistant but haven’t started doing so.

So this is my call for questions — Ask Me Anything! Free of Charge!

Ask me about freelancing. Ask me about oDesk. Ask me about social media.

Here are a few notes on asking:

1. If you want me to review your profile, please send me the profile link.

I can stalk you myself but if you shut your profile from Googlers (or haven’t setup one, heaven forbid!), I cannot help much except use quotes from #ihatequotes to inspire you and help you out.

2. Ask specific questions please.

Please don’t make me decipher your message like it’s some Morse Code or something because I don’t know how to read that. Be as specific on where you need help please. 🙂

3. ..but please Google it first.

Don’t give up! <– My answers will revolve around that theme. Because freelancers (especially mothers!) should not turn their backs on this wonderful opportunity. But you got some questions that are too specific? I know, it’s cliche but please Google first. I won’t walk you through how to create your profile, setup your Paypal or other nitty gritty bits like those. It has all been written and all of them have been helpful. You can Google them.

4. Refer me to your friend, your wife or your officemate who needs help.

I only have a bit of time on my plate but I’d be glad to reach out to anyone who needs a bit of  pushing to get started.

The Catch?

All I ask for in return is that you give me the permission to publish your letter. I’ll keep it as anonymous as you want it to be. Aside from that, if you have a blog, please link to me. 🙂

I got a question! Where to send?

Thank you! Just contact me at

I will be publishing the first Ask Me Anything Letter in a few days so stay tuned.

Image Credits: ollily

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