How to be Remarkable: Divvy and The Reddit Effect

This is not a sponsored post. I never did any of those yet. This is a case study an example of how being remarkable AND asking for it can get you the exposure you deserve. Afterall, karma is real. But you have to ask, you know.

Objective: Show how the “Reddit Effect” (and possibly social media) increased sales in an indie software company.


Mizage is a small development company that created Divvy – a window management software for Mac.


Let’s say you want to get the word out for your application. After all the creation of accounts on Twitter, Facebook and seeding of initial reviews on related review sites, you want to try out and get a sponsored link at Reddit (notorious for ignoring my posts *bitter*).


Steve from Mizage sent me an email! Thanks for the compliment. I was wrong on assuming they had the sponsored links up before the awesome frontpage post. Instead:

We gave the reddit staff some Divvy licenses and they gave us some advertising in exchange =)

That’s even cooler! No wonder I saw the word “divvy” on the advertising FAQ page. Coincidence?

With this, I still maintain my stand on “efforts”. They still have to be made. How are your customers ever going to find you anyway. 🙂

Created an ad. Cost: The minimum bid is $20/day for untargeted ads and $30/day for targeted ads.

Take a look at that. Just 69 votes and 34 comments? For a sponsored link? Not much attention there you might think. Surely you need some more of that to increase sales. BUT! Here’s the thing that people might miss.


After all your efforts above, you have created an exposure for your product. Sure, it didn’t generate lots of sales and yet this leads to an encounter with an interested buyer who doesn’t have much to give but just might be the fan that you are looking for.

Your response would be as awesome as Steve’s.


You might ask — Why the heck would I do that?? FREE?

Because you just might create a superfan who will do his part of the “deal” and land you at the top page:

Take a look at that. Just 2511 votes and 788 comments? For a NON-sponsored link? That’s an investment of relationship.


Tyler_Mizage posted the effects of this frontpage post to their Divvy’s sales:


I want to save this documentation as proof of how effective it is to:

1. Provide a product of value.
2. Effort effort effort!
3. Find the right channel and create an opportunity.
4. Give freebies.
5. Create a superfan (or superfans!).
6. Learn how to ASK.

There’s number 7 though: Keep it going.

How? Boost up Facebook and Twitter.  🙂

An amazing software and company like this deserves more than 10 fans! And more than just customer service, Twitter can be beefed up to boost branding. And also, they can hire a social media assistant for some of the stuff that they might need help on for these profiles.

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