How to Succeed in oDesk? | Question from Mommy L

Last week, I mentioned that I will be answering some questions related to oDesk, webworking and freelancing in a category – Ask Me Anything! Let me share one I received last week from Mommy L. Don’t worry. I have asked for her permission to publish her letter.

This answer is personalized for the letter sender but I am pretty sure that if you are someone with a knack for writing, you can pick tips from this one.

Hi Likke,

…I am writing because I am trying to join oDesk. I have seen in your page that you have been hired so many times since you joined in 2008.

I am a housewife and I am running a family.  My husband works in a mall here in our city. He receives good pay, enough for us. Pero I wanted to work to earn my own money. Lain ra jud kung you have your own money, right? But after thinking and considering things, I still want to stay with my daughter, to see her grow up jud. I want to be a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom). I help in running a school canteen owned by my parents but i want more. 😀 I also don’t want to be idle and do nothing during my vacant time. 🙂

I am writing to ask unta if you can teach me on how to succeed in oDesk. I write. I think I am good at it. Pero I like writing poems and writing articles and blogs the most. I have been studying oDesk for about a week now and I must admit, di jud ko kaayo maayo sa IT world. My course in college was Management Accounting pero don’t be fooled ha, I am just also so-so in my “number” subjects. LOL.

Hope to hear from you soon, Likke! Hugs to your son! 🙂

**some parts of the letter have been omitted

Hi Mommy L,

Thanks for your letter. I appreciate you trying to contact me. And I will try to answer your question.

I understand that you want to see your daughter grow up. That was conviction convinced me to consider what I am doing right now. So far it is really awesome! I am even homeschooling my kid and the bonding time is too precious to exchange for an office job.

oDesk is a wonderful platform to contact clients, get a project, and earn cash. I truly believe that this is the future of work. The platform gives you and your client the peace of mind that you need in doing online work. Because you have considered using oDesk, I must say that you are on the first step towards your dream of earning more.

Plan out your next step

“Considering” oDesk has never been enough. I have seen my share of people whom I personally know who “setup and forget” their profiles. You would not be able to go far with freelancing if this is the case.

So you need to plan for what you need to do next. Never get stuck on just setting up your profile. For example, plan on filtering job applications that fit your skills and applying to them. From what you mentioned, you are keen on writing so search up oDesk for writing jobs.

But since you also have  knack for accounting, there are jobs in that category too. I will assume that you are more interested in writing assignments.

Get your first job

Eventually with all the applications that you sent in, you will land that first job. This is the one that you should take care of. In oDesk, feedbacks and ratings are crucial for success. Do you bestest on this first job.

Other freelancers will tell you this – a LOT! You need determination. Try to land that first job. It would mean you should never stop applying for a job. If it takes a week or a month to get that first job you are looking for, then so be it. Be never, ever surrender the freelancing dream.

Write. Write a LOT!

You mentioned you love writing. This is by far a very good asset in the web working / online freelancing world. Jobs that require writing skills are plenty – blog writing, original article writing, article rewriting, copywriting. These are some of the openings that you will have to sift through to earn on oDesk.

From applying to these kind of openings, you will soon know that you need to have sample articles to show your writing style and your capability to your potential client, that is why – write, write, write!

Study SEO.

Most of the buyers in oDesk will require SEO knowledge in the articles that you will be writing. In order to compete with other writers, go spend some hours researching SEO article writing basics.

You will find lots of resources regarding this topic. They will mostly teach you about using keyword, keyword density, hyperlinking, etc.

Those are all for now Mommy L. Best of luck to us! So to summarize and get you started with your oDesk success:

Action Items

  • Create a job filter.
  • Apply to jobs within your capability.
  • Create at least three writing samples.
  • Research about article writing for SEO.

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