Know, Like, Trust, Buy, Refer

I was listening to Dan Martell’s Social Marketing course and a great question comes up about the difference between using social marketing for B2B or B2C or on a specific industry and the answer is something that I would to look into.

He calls it the Know, Like, Trust, Buy, Refer model.

Know that you exist. You have a content that they discovered – blog post, video, presentation, etc.

Like you. Somehow gave permission to interact, opted to email, opted to free trials, etc.

Trust you enough. Ask for advice. Get money.

People can only buy from you if they know, like, and trust you. Simple as that. And it goes with any industry whether B2B or B2C.

So where does social marketing come in? Know, Like, Trust levels.

Using AIDA (in marketing), it helps gather attention or awareness, interest, and desire for your product or service.

But social marketing is just one part of the funnel. It’s not the end-all solution. It’s not the magic pill. Think of inbound marketing in general.

Here’s a touchpoint map that I saw online on this topic. Src


Are you following the same roadmap in generating leads for your startup?

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