One Quick Tip to Avoid Decaying as a Freelancer

.. is to join conferences. Like International Freelancers Day 2010 this weekend.

Enough with being a lone wolf even for just a day. Socialize and network even if just virtually. Take the day off.

Before the day of the conference, here is a list of things you can do.

  • Visit the site at
  • Find out what the sessions are and the corresponding time for the sessions. You will need to convert it to your own timezone so be ready to whip out a conversion site or if you are a timezone pro, just note the times.
  • Find out who the speakers are and explore their backgrounds so you will know the context of what they will be talking about. Visit their bios, blogs, sites and Twitter accounts.
  • View the videos sent out via email from IFD.
  • Join their contest.
  • Visit and participate in the discussion board at Facebook.
  • Track the official Twitter hashtag #IFD10
  • Follow my Twitter IFD listof freelancers attending the

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