Social Media Assistant’s Creativity Applied in Business


Creativity and Business can’t ever mix.

All lot of you will easily react to this.  Mostly would disagree with that and say that, no – they should coexist. This is because people are generally artistic and creative. We are humans after all.

Yet with the old adage – “you can never serve two masters at the same time” – the same is true for both.


Take this for example –

“No Ads for my Pretty Blog!”

Lara started out with writing articles on her blog. With her posts very intriguing and interesting, she had a devoted tribe of readers.

With her new interest in photography, she had entirely mixed her knack for creative writing + photography which resulted in more readers. (It catches attention after all!)

She has been continuously given offers to put up ads and offers to write reviews for products.


She refused.

Her reason? She does not want the results of her creative juices smeared with a sea of links and ads.

Makes sense. But not quite good for business.

You might ask  –

Hey! What business?? You did not mention her having one.

That is quite true. But if she was that business minded and if she had seen the opportunity, the horns might have been grabbed and she could have been a dollar, no, DOLLARS  RICHER.

Got Time for Social Media?

What is the bottomline?

Internet marketers are generally hard working people. I am not saying they are not creative.

But being ONE might slip them as they struggle with Analytics, or SEO, or Lead Generation, Landing Pages.

Would one have time for social media? Most probably NOT.

This is where one needs a social media assistant. The creativity that a social media assistant would bring to your business could benefit YOU in the long run.

Social media will be your ears. Let social media assist in tracking buzz about your product or service.

Social media will be your eyes. Let social media assist in lead generation.

Just a few of what social media assistant and social media can do for you.

And yes, choose one who’s creative enough that it becomes good for business.

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