Tech + Tourism with Viberacay (Campaign Review)

Boracay is love.

My family and I were able to visit the place with the Geeks on a Beach conference for an excuse because, honestly, we wouldn’t have braved the travel from Kalibo to Boracay without one. The details are on another post on Istorya but the bottom line is – I loved the place despite its commercialization and imperfections. It is a place where you tend to forget for a few days all your worries and cares.

Boracay is love

I will spare you the details of a pristine beaches, lovely ladies, almost-naked hunks, yummy beach food because, really, you’ve heard and read all about it. You don’t need to be reminded that you have to visit there (again) and relish the life away from work, office, droll tasks. In fact, you have been seeing the funny updates of that Tumblr blog on #laboracay. Boracay really is the top visited beach of tourists and locals alike.

Why Boracay for activation campaigns?

Because of the huge crowd, it is also the place where big brands do their activation campaigns. It’s a launchpad for the major conferences just like the conference we joined. It was also the place where a major telco launched their LTE campaign. If you’ve noticed, it seems that they are all targeting techies and geeks.

Why? Just take a look at all the attention they can get and how gadget-less these techie people are once they stroll the beaches. Well, except maybe for their GoPro cameras and smartphones in waterproof protectors, right? The visitors are, after all, looking to unwind and unplug from the net.

Tech and Tourism with Viberacay

But then here’s a brave new campaign from Viber that’s also geared towards the techies with smartphones who are, right now, spending Labor Day weekend in Boracay. The campaign’s name is Viberacay.

Viber is a messaging app that I personally use. My folks from all over the world also love to use because it’s free and can be used on desktop and mobile.

When you do visit Boracay this Labor Day weekend, you will notice these tents of blue and purple. They are part of the campaign of Viber. It is admirable that they are able to combine both an advocacy for tourism and pitch technology to these people from all over the Philippines and from different parts of the world! Isn’t that smart of them to choose Boracay? Imagine capturing an audience who could mention Viberacay to their friends and family once they get back.

Photo source: Meetup Boracay

What is Viberacay and how can I join?

Viberacay is a set of events and activities that Viber has in store for you when you’re in the Boracay this Labor Day weekend. Check out the mechanics of all their activities on their ViberPH Facebook page.

#Viberacay Activity/FreebiesMechanicsSchedule
Viber Boat JellyPresent your Viber app at the Viber Desk, sign up and receive a Viber Stamp.Show your stamp at the port officer.Enjoy a free trip on the Viber Boat. Snap and share your #Viberacay experience through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.Valid from April 29 – May 5, 2014
#Viberacay Island RidesPresent your Viber app at the Cagban Viber Desk and sign up to receive a stamp and Viber Star.Show your Viber Star and stamp to the Cagban Ride Marshall.Enjoy your free ride! Snap and share your #Viberacay experience through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.Free Cagban rides from 7 am – 6 am.
Viber Taste of FunPresent your Viber app or one of the Free Chori Burger stubs from your Viber star.Dig in! Snap and share your #Viberacay experience through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.Valid from April 29 – May 5, 2014 from 12 noon to 10 PM only.
Labor Day Riot at EpicParty with the hottest DJ at Epic Boracay.Valid from April 29 – May 1, 2014 at 10 PM.
Viber CrawlHit the best pubs and bars in Boracay.Valid from May 2 – 3, 2014.
Sunkissed BoracayJoin the Sunkissed Boracay party featuring DJ Alvaro, Ameli, and Mia at the Pearl of the PacificValid from May 1 – 4, 2014. Visit Viber Hub at D’Mall for more information and exclusive access.
Viber PerksFREE 24 hours WiFi and Viber Photo Finish with Viber Photo Wall.
Boracay Sand Dance FestivalSoak up and enjoy the sunset in Boracay IslandApril 29 and May 1 from3 – 9 PM at White House Beach Resort.

Credits Kareen Satorre for the table listed. For the full list, just click the image below.


Leveraging Facebook for promotions

Aside from the usual postings, if you have noticed that photo above, it actually links to their Facebook page specifically to an app installed on their page. Most brands might use a mini-site to host details for a campaign but in the case of Viber Philippines, they utilized the capability of building it into the channel where they are doing their campaign.

Of course, the app they are using is on top of the regular postings to mention that campaign to their fans. During the activation campaign itself, Viber has been actively posting on-site photos for their fans who are not in Viberacay. This would encourage them to actually watch out for future campaigns of Viber. Who knows? Maybe the next one will be in Cebu!

Back to the Psychology Behind Boracay campaigns

A campaign like Viberacay is a good excuse for those onsite users to finally whip out their smartphones and use Viber. It seems like the app has taken its users captive with the almost seamless multi-device syncing for messages and calls and for its emoticons and stickers.

With a campaign like this in the beaches of Boracay, it captivates it’s already mesmerized audience. The psychology there is amazing. You have people in a minute island, with limited time, but with more or less, the ability to afford a smartphone and eventually install your app. I assume that onsite they have installed their most reliable internet connection or else it will just be a wasted activation campaign.

A campaign like this is the marriage of travel, tourism, and tech.

How about you? What are your thoughts on their campaign? Please send in your thoughts on my Facebook post!

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