The Story of Passover – Google Exodus

What would you do if you could order a swarm of locusts from Amazon? You would be ordering a plague everyday!

This video below shows the story of Exodus in which the ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt BUT this time depicted by the use of social media. Watch and enjoy.


The Brand is  a Jewish educational website. They have published articles on a variety of topics but all offering “wisdom for living” for the modern world. They are the  “world’s largest Jewish content website, logging over a million monthly user sessions with 380,000 unique email subscribers.”

The Medium

Google Exodus is a two-minute video that depicts the Passover Story in an interesting perspective — what would it look like if everything was just a mouse click for Moses? The video was published at YouTube and has garnered 1.5 million views as of writing.

Lessons to Learn

You would really applaud for a clever way of bringing in visitors to their site. Publishing the video brought in the views for the website to earn attention. Some things noticed:

  • Call to Action

They added a call to action on the video itself encouraging viewers to subscribe to their newsletter.

  • Craft your About page

I have viewed this video a couple of days ago and realized that I was looking up and around for an About page but found none. Having checked the video again today, I am glad to find it at last. Never forget this page on your site.

  • Be timely

The video was just in time for the Passover celebration of the target audience. Such video would obviously be shared over and over on the networks.

  • Converse with your fans

With the boost in the views of its video the conversation should have been taken off the channel and into the other social networking sites. Our social media team at Third Team Media can help in keeping conversations like these flowing. You don’t want to leave your fans’ comments unanswered right? Contact us.

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