What Digital Marketers Can Learn from Simon Sinek

In the digital marketing plan class that I attended, I can’t help but notice the HumanKind Framework that they mentioned in discovering your brand essence.  It’s a strategic framework created by Leo Burnett in discovering and creating a plan for brands.

What I found good in this kind of approach is that it taps at the basics of our humanity and emphasizes in creating acts instead of ads.

So when I saw this video form Simon Sinek, I immediately recalled that framework. Check out the truth he shares in this video.

1. Trust is not a checklist of things you say you do.

“…It just means you are reliable. Trust emerges when people share the same things they believe in.”

They have the basic understanding of what you both share as  people. If you are helping promote your brand that sells neon glow sticks for example, you don’t go around pushing your stuff and making them learn about the big, bold and beautiful sticks that you sell. No.

What you both share should be the love for partying. Ooze that within the communications you have and it creates that bond and trust from your audience.

Action Item: Check where your audience are online by looking for common causes that you share. The more passionate they are the better.

2. Look for symbols.

“We look for symbols of people who believe what we believe.”

You strike up conversations with people if you share the same brand of coffee, if you came from the same city when you are in another country. They have a symbol or a sign that you share the same belief.

Action Item: When searching for groups or fan pages or forums where your potential customer is lurking, list up symbols or keywords that you can use and do research.

3. Fake causes don’t work.

Believe what you believe in and attract people to your cause. People can see and feel fakeness.

You don’t need to extensive surveys asking people how they want your brand to look, what you need to “wear” so they can better like you. Just be yourself. The same way that you want your friends to be authentic.

Action Item: Create genuine conversations by creating that genuine “voice” you can use for your channels

Do you agree with the above list? Something more to add? Please share on the comments section.

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