Why You Badly Need a Content Plan For Your Blog

A flood of blogs. That’s what I imagine a blogger, that we’ll name here as Ned, would have.

There’s Ned’s Blogspot hobby blog, his more serious WordPress, a new one he created on Tumblr for quick posting from his smartphone, and a Posterous just to get a feel of the platform. Yes, that’s just a few on the Ned’s list. We will not mention Ned’s group blog with a society and another one he is helping out with for a client.

With this deluge of blogs to maintain, here’s a prediction — some of Ned’s blogs end up being closed and dead! Left forever alone in the depths of randomness.

Hey, I won’t say I am not guilty. My old posts are filled with emo-ness of my college life. LOL. Starting a blog is easy. To maintain it is a different story, however.

Here’s a List of Reasons Why You Need a Content Plan:

  1. You will gain an insight on what topics to write based on your keyword planned.
  2. You can create fixed categories for your posts.
  3. You will at least know what supplementary topics would be in the future.
  4. Your message (whatever it is) will be consistently delivered on each single article created.
  5. In case you need to outsource your writing, you can easily hand it over to a writer.
  6. You can now write a book based on your content plan (Woah!)
  7. You will have knowledge on what type of content you can create (Would a podcast fit? Can I just do an interview? Will these contain just tips?)
  8. Your readers will know what to expect from your articles.
  9. You can create a content calendar out of your content plan.
  10. You can learn which type of content is gaining traffic and tweak your plan from there.

You don’t want to be like Ned. You have an audience to please. To counter such what you need is obvious – a Blog Content Plan.

A Sample Blog Content Plan

So what does a blog content plan look like? You can easily create one on a spreadsheet or as a table on a word processor.

Here’s a rough draft of what content plan might look like. I have first filled up this one for Siquijor Tour for our Certified Blog Entrepreneur program last year and I say it is truly useful. I can now go back and forth the plan and still know what my blog’s purpose of existence.

blog content plan

A Sample Blog Content Plan


This blog content plan is based off on Maam Janette’s outline so if you are looking for full details and want to know how to get started with blogging, you can check out Ms. Janette Toral’s Blogging From Home on Slideshare. There’s an example there that just might work for you.

Well , now that you have a content plan, what’s next?

You need a digital marketing plan! Your posts would be useless with marketing. Ugghh. Trust me. I know how it feels when I have articles with zero traffic.

And that is where IMMAP’s program can be of help to you. I think I will be joining their program that starts in a few days (June 27). If you want to be my classmate, do check out their Ensogo deal that ends in just a few hours!! Details are below. HURRY!

Digital Marketing Plan: A Purely Online Course

Course Description:

Online Course Duration : June 27- July 11, 2011
Summary Session  : July 11, 2011

Today the ascent of digital marketing as a key medium being consumed across the world and across the country is simply phenomenal.  We see its consumption going beyond the normal boundaries of geography and time. We truly see the power shifting from advertiser to consumer. Advertisers no longer have the sole control over the marketing of brands. Consumers have started to speak their minds about brands, companies, having a major hand as to what, when and where they can be spoken to by advertisers.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Entrepreneurs, product champions, brand activation team members, ad agency executives, media managers, marketing, and advertising professionals who need to sustainably engage their customers through effective marketing channels.

METHODOLOGY: We leverage on the channels we champion. Participants will have 2 weeks where they can use our online learning platform while being coached by an online facilitator.  The online course content, forums and activities can be taken anywhere and anytime.  We recommend that participants dedicate of at least four hours a week to the online coursework. For example, participants can read course content emailed to them daily as part of their regular routine and then go online to finish their assigned coursework during the weekend.

Please take note that these are the regular rates w/o Ensogo discount

Early Bird Rate: Php 5,900 (2 weeks  before the launch date) inclusive of the snacks during the classroom sessions, access to an online course, training kit, and certificate of course completion.
Regular rate : P 6,900

ENSOGO Rate: P1,500, save 78%

ABOUT THE PROGRAM: The Certified Digital Marketer Program (CDMP) is a project involving the Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP)and the Ateneo Java Wireless Competency Center (AJWCC). It is an 11-course program taken over 11 weeks of online and off-line interaction.  Courses can be taken individually or as part of the certificate program.  Participants who have successfully completed the coursework Program can qualify to be recognized by IMMAP as a Certified Digital Marketer (CDM).

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