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Fleire Castro

My name is Fleire Castro, digital marketing consultant and sole proprietor of Third Team Media, a boutique social media and digital agency that helps corporate and marketing teams with their digital marketing campaigns to reach business goals.

I wear several hats aside from being a consultant and proprietor —

I advocate for several causes including women empowerment, entrepreneurship, and tech and data for social good. I am also a professional speaker on a range of topics related to digital marketing, technology, and economic empowerment. As if those aren’t enough, I am also a co-founder of the following tech startups.

As requested by friends in the community over the years, I will start coaching startup business owners, entrepreneurs, freelancers, professionals who want to learn with me and from me over my 10 years of entrepreneurship and digital marketing experience. Let’s talk soon.

What I’ve Built So Far

These are the businesses and products that I have worked on over the years.

On the blog, I will be dropping posts to talk about my own ideas and talks, to support initiatives of companies online and help them with their branding and social media management concerns, and to talk about several personal advocacies that I have. I will also post productivity tips and challenges hurdled for entrepreneurs like me. Yes, I am that opinionated.

Hope you’ll find them valuable though to empower yourself and improve your social business from my experience. Or to simply just learn with me and from me.

The Back Story

I started my career in the field of information technology coding for a living (yes, I was a programmer) but with a fascination for social media back 2003 in the form of forums, blogging, social networks.

Communicating through these channels to other people across the world using the internet is a very powerful way to convey ideas and information. And as an introvert myself (extroverted introvert), it was the perfect platform for me to hone my skills in finding trends that can help individuals and businesses.

When I left my corporate work in 2008, I found a calling in helping brands and businesses find value from these online channels for their own communities. As a working mother, the setup of freelancing – working from home and at the same time homeschooling my kid – was the ideal setup for me to start deep diving into digital marketing and technology.

This was the start of my love story with digital.

My Career Timeline

From there, my career timeline shifted and this is my journey so far –

  • 2004 – Started with blogging and online communities
  • 2005 – Graduated Cum Laude in 2005 for BS Information Technology in MSU-IIT in Iligan City
  • 2005 – Worked as a PHP coder/developer in an LGU in Iligan City
  • 2006 – Moved to Cebu and worked as a programmer and developer in a market research company
  • 2008 – Offered digital marketing services as freelancer
  • 2010 – Registered a sole proprietorship business Third Team Media and created with an online team
  • 2011 – Went in blogging and volunteering for local tech and startup communities.
  • 2013 – Partnered with local companies and working for Cebu brands
  • 2014 – Setup the first office of Third Team Media in 2014 and started hiring onsite employees
  • 2017 – Partnered with several founders to create bloodlife.ph and Project BASS 
  • 2018 – Partnered with a founder to create ContentDash.app

Ways That I Can Help You

  • Hire an agency – If you are a business owner or brand owner and you need help with reaching your customers online through digital marketing channels, I can help you through my startup social media and digital agency – Third Team Media.
  • Book a consultation – Got digital marketing related questions? You can contact me for a free online consultation
  • Hire a speaker / trainer – Need a speaker for your training or events? Get in touch!
  • Partner with Fleire – Want to partner up for a project or business? Send me a DM!
  • <NEW!!> Need a mentor/coach – Want to learn how to navigate the world of starting up, personal development, and improving one’s self? Let me coach you.

What are your certifications?

What are some of your community work done?

Locally, I am affiliated with the following groups, therefore, I am also active in helping out the events in these nonprofits as a volunteer – I donate my time and resources.

  • Co-founder of  the Iligan Bloggers Society, Inc. (current)
  • Member of the Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. (current)
  • Member of the DigitalFilipino Club (current)
  • Founder of GBG Cebu Google Business Group (current)
  • Social Media Director of  TechTalks.ph (past)
  • Social Media Director of  Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. (past)
  • Proponent/Founder of Wicked Dreams Action Civics Far (current)

Can I see your LinkedIn?

Sometimes, readers want to see my qualifications or rather what they call “resume”. In this digitally connected world, who needs one when you have an updated LinkedIn, right? Please click here to view my full resume.

Life mantras? Faves? Interests? Hobbies?

These are the things I live by —

Life is short so I eat my desserts first. Cheesecake is my favorite. Anything with cheese actually. If I could be a connoisseur of something, I would choose cheese.

On my free time, I read business books and fantasy novels. I also casually play the ukulele and practice shibari. I also enjoy playing casual Magic: The Gathering (past), playing mobile games (currently hooked with Epic 7) and blogging here at www.fleirecastro.com.

Ready to work with me?

To our success,

Khaleesi of the Third Team

Client Testimonials

Here are what others have to say about my services through these testimonials below.

“Mae, you do such good work that i am recommending you to friends.”– Steve B., Founder, Zenbu Media

“I found someone great on oDesk. How great? [Fleire] was the one who found Brazen Careerist, which is a great match for my mid-career degree portal, midPointers.”– Lee K., CEO, Edify Marketing

“I really appreciate all the hard work you’ve put in, and how well you’ve handled all the various projects we’ve thrown at you.  “– Kandice H., Manager, FindWatt

“Mae is a pleasure to work with. She is very reliable, works fast en delivers a good quality of work. Highly recommended!”– Goran v. H. , Data Tree

“Mae is the best to work with. Aside from her excellent technical knowledge she knows how to communicate. Mae always kept me up-to-date and was always on time with her work. I will hire Mae again for sure. And on top of that she is nice.”– Craig C., IfItsCo

“She is honest, excellent, and quick to respond.”– Maghdi M.

“Mae is a skillful worker. She was able to give me the site lay-out that I requested and even submitted an article to post in my site. She is diligent, hardworking and trustworthy. “– Marie M., oDesk Nurses

“Thanks for your referral. She’s working out great! Really thorough and fast too.”– Tom C.

“VERY GOOD! The articles look great. You have them setup perfectly and the b and c versions are well done.”– Cory S., Nexation, Inc.

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