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One-on-one call to help you sort out your personal or business needs

Lots of friends and fellow entrepreneurs want to start their journey or startup their business ideas. Sometimes they do reach out to pick my brain and I am happy to give my thoughts. Over coffee or otherwise.

But one thing I learned when I was starting out is that you have to formalize a coaching or consulting relationship in order to effectively get the help you need. Why not get a personal and business coach?

Your needs:

  • Stuck with your hero journey or your startup business?
  • Need to vent or want to get inspired?
  • Want to talk about the low-hanging fruits or opportunities you may have missed whether with your career or your venture?
  • ..or just need quick help with your digital marketing campaigns?

Let’s get you sorted out.

Book a coaching or consulting session with me.

What you will get:

  • One hour Personal Online Coaching Session
  • One-on-one via Messenger/Zoom/Skype

STARTUP PROMO – Startup price of $55.5 (or PHP 2500) per hour of coaching. Regular price at $99 ūüôā Discounted rate valid until May 31, 2021 only.

Intake until May 2021 closing soon. Three (3) slots available. 


Startup Digital Agency Founder

Gained 3 clients in one moonshot cycle


Digital Marketing changed my life!! Thank you for the inspiration, Auntie. Phenomenal Filipina is now up and running with 3 staff members. Ughhhh you empower me by just being you. Xoxo

Fleire¬†owns a boutique digital marketing agency. She is one of the best in her field and my career aspires to be even half of what her’s is.

You’re an amazing business and life mentor. Love always¬†xoxo


Startup Digital Agency Co-Founder

Developed vision and goals clarity in 3 sessions


That moment you finish your meeting with your business coach and feel GREAT! So grateful! The best is yet to come!

In case you were wondering why my business coaching sessions are so effective…

Inhale the good, exhale the bad. Fail, forgive yourself and repeat. I believe every forgiven failure is actually a success if you learned from it. (learned that recently after failing a lot ?)

In the near future these failures will all make sense! The good times are coming baby! I can feel my talents gaining clarity for success! wootwoot! 2019 is my year! (I mean it already is, I mean c’mon, I live in Mexico but you know, the best is yet to come)


Startup Tech Company Founder

Developed business vision and website in one moonshot cycle


I am very grateful for Fleire Castro’s assistances in setting up my Outsourcing Tech Company and website She provided amazing consultancy and coaching over several weeks to arrive at a my theme, narrative, and ideas on how I should go from start-up to scale-up. She is great to work with, has a lot of insights, and responds immediately when ever you need to bounce ideas whether its website, wording, or coaching concepts. Without her assistance I am not sure I could have progressed very far. Fleire is a great Mentor! Thank you!

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