5 Reasons Why I Love Being A Digital Marketing Trainer

As a digital marketing consultant, I have always shied away from my other persona as a digital marketing trainer. In my 10 years in the industry of digital marketing, it hasn’t been a focus of mine to become a digital marketing trainer.

Sure, companies have hired me to share my knowledge about social media trends or social selling or how online marketing tools can help their brands or businesses. But traveling to a far-away places in order to train students in online technologies and concepts for a long period of time? That I still have to experience first-hand.

I have always loved sharing what I know in front of a crowd, to see them nod their heads in confirmation or raise their hands to satisfy their curiosity. But my experience as a Technical Trainer / Resource Person with the Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training was a different kind of animal.

Ms. Janette Toral of DigitalFilipino.com tapped me as one of the Resource Person for the 12-day Rural Impact Sourcing Technical Training  of the Department of Information and Communications Technology. This program is in collaboration with the Department of Trade and Industry along with the local government unit of the host city/location. I am honored to be part of her team in this program.

With the memories of the recent challenges and satisfaction, I am sharing below the reasons why I now love being a digital marketing trainer:

Solidifying my knowledge in the technologies

Teaching and being a resource person for the program made me realize the skills and qualities I have as a digital marketing. I am now proud to call myself a “full-stack marketer”.

Yes, there’s such a thing. The full-stack marketer can work across different marketing disciplines from branding to SEO to social. I am proud to say, I can implement all those with my team and make sense of the numbers along the way.

Valuing my time at home and at the office

Being in the program also made me value my time with family and at the office to work in our client projects. I was never used to this. My life revolves around them. 🙂

Every single moment counts. I learned to look for the best travel and flight schedules, learned to delegate responsibilities at work. I learned that I should already solidify my rockstar team at Third Team Media so I can rest easy knowing our projects are taken cared of.

Every single memory counts. I learned to tap the help of the people at school and learned how patient my husband is with being on solo-parent mode for the duration of the three weeks that I am barely at home.

On off-hours and weekends, I learned to make time for self-care.

Meeting students and teaching them

Talking to people for long periods of time was never my strong suit. As an introvert, I look for moments when I am alone and recollect my thoughts and gather up my energies. I found out that I can actually do that in a training session.

I have always wondered how to survive a whole day training. The longest I have done has always been half-day. And now I realized a full-day training is doable for me and not at all a problem. I am glad to know what my capabilities are via the program.

Of course, it’s only doable when you know you have such a cooperative set of students who are hungry for knowledge. It makes it easier to explain concepts and tools to people who are actually willing to learn.

What made it satisfying for me is also sharing my growth from an employee to a freelancer to the business owner. I am hoping it will also inspire them on their journey to improve their lives, too.

Working with other people

One of the best things that makes trainings easier is a hardworking team. With the existing stigma of working with and for the government, it may come as a concern. But I was blessed to be working together with the amazing folks of DICT including Ms. Emmy Delfin and Ms. Maris Castro and to the Visayas team headed by Dir. Antonio Padre.

That broke down all the assumptions regarding government employees.  The support they rendered to help me for the duration of the training, to usher me around, to assist in the program, and to make the training an overall success has been amazing.

Making a difference

At the end of the day, we are doing this digital mission all #ParaSaBayan. Coach Genesis, a fellow trainer, said it best when he mentioned that we are so called “digital missionaries”.

Going to far places to preach the glory of digital marketing is something that was a trial by fire for an introverted woman entrepreneur like me.

I decided to step out of my comfort zone and help when I learned that it will impact the lives of those who are in the rural area and help them land the jobs that can help them improve their lives. I believe I was making a difference through the program as a digital marketing trainer.

I could not ask for a better experience this year. Oh, the stories to tell!

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